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Dizziness with pain & swelling behind ears & throat

About two years ago I started having severe allergies and suspected black mold in my apartment.  I also had recently acquired two cats.  Suddenly I started having ringing in my ears and was diagnosed with a salivary gland infection to which I was treated with antibiotics.  The ringing came back and I was again treated with antibiotics (they didn't work the second time).  In the course of the second dose of antibiotics I became dizzy and have been every since.  It isn't just mild dizziness, it's most often accompanied with vertigo and the feeling is constant unless I am sitting still.  I moved out of the moldy apartment and my allergies improved drastically.  However, I continue to have pain and swelling of the glands in my throat and pain and swelling behind my ears.  I constantly feel like there is water in my ears.  I have been to ear specialists and they claim it is due to allergies.  Ear specialists also state that I was misdiagnosed with salivary gland infections.  However, I have been on allergy medicine in which I'm now only experiencing mild sneezing but my dizziness, pain and swelling continue to persist.  
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Welcome to our community.  I'm not a medical professional, so don't really know but personally, I've had a salivary gland infection not too long ago and it just awful.  I flew a few mos ago and during the flight it acted up from the pressure I guess!  They think I had a small stone.  Have they done an ultrasound to try to confirm or rule stones out?  Although you mentioned it was a mis-diagnsosis.

Allergies with swelling can take a very long time to go down or go away ... and that includes ears.  Sometimes, something as simple as milk is the trigger for swelling and affects the ears, throat, lungs (asthma), etc. etc.  May be worth a try to eliminate milk but, of course, get your dr's permission, etc.

Keep us posted,

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Thanks C.  I don't think that I've had an ultrasound done yet for the stones.  I was reading up on them today and it sounds like what I'm experiencing in my pyritoid glands by my ears.  I think it may be worth checking into.  The last Dr. that reviewed my case only felt for stones in my submandibular glands.  I also read something that auto immune disorders can trigger swelling (which I have Fibromyalgia).  However, I think I should probably head back to a physician and get a third opinion about the salivary glands.  Thank you for your thoughts.
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They say to suck on sour candy ... youcher ... I've done that and it helps drain the salivary gland and may help move out those stones.  If they get  blocked or infected I feel your pain as I have had that happen and was excruciating but luckily they self-cleared!!!  If paratoid gland is involved you may want to seek an Endocrinologist.

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