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For several years I have been getting dizzy. I have had scans done and my ears checks with no results.
My head is clear yet I have dizziness and tunnel vision.
Nothing seems to help. My right ear will have sharp pains in it for weeks on end. Again nothing wrong per 3 different ear doctor.
I need some resolution to this, I know it’s allergy related but not sure what plant or weed causes it.
Just wondering if anyone else has issue like this
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Is this better?  I would say that going to an Earn Nose and Throat doctor could really be of benefit to you. Inner ear dysfunction can cause this. Non medication methods are often used to right that. But if the tube is closing in on itself, it WILL make you dizzy and you do often have some ear discomfort, fullness, sometimes ringing, muffled hearing, etc.  
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My friend has bad dizziness and she has POTS and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. She also has very bad TMJ. Beta blockers are assisting her. She is also doing a migraine diet. You can also do food allergy testing and avoid foods that come back positive. She also puts an ear plug in an ear and sometimes that helps. You can research this stuff and ask your doctor or a naturopathic doctor.
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What is the migraine diet?
I will ask my friend. There might be info if you do an internet search on vestibular migraine diet. I'll check w/ her and let you know what I find out. :)
Yes, that is what you do, an internet search on "vestibular migraine diet" and it will bring up a lot of info. :)

This is helping her, along with taking Beta Blockers.

One thing I have learned in my own health and my friends' is what causes one person's symptoms, for example dizziness, may not be the same cause for the other person's dizziness.

Hopefully, these are some ideas to explore for you, so you may find your answers more quickly than my friend did. Well wishes!

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