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Do strep, blood sugar, thyroid make food allergies much worse?

Would undiagnosed hyperthyroidism, pancreatitis, and being exposed to strep throat turn normally minor food allergies into mild anaphylactic shock?

I do not feel as though I'm in an emergency, right now, but vinegar, and an enzyme supplement containing amylase, gave me all the same troubles as getting a wasp sting, followed by Raynauds phenomena, on two separate days over the last week. Normally, these might only cause a mild asthma attack.

When I'm in "holiday eating mode," I have some pain in the front and middle of my neck and right abdomen (occasionally radiating toward the back) and seem to be affected by minor stresses, all the more. While I am generally muscular around the midsection, extra fluid is retained, below the level of my navel, and in (male) breast tissue unless I avoid grain products.

I have always been able to "fix myself," over time, on a diet of low glycemic foods, but was disturbed by recent developments. I have never had a doctor in my adult life, am seriously looking into finding one, and would like to know how to make my next appointment more effective.

Your patience is genuinely appreciated.
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I might be experiencing symptoms of anorexia with anxiety attacks about eating, hypochondria, swollen tongue, and lips.

I have some improvement in mood after trying to resume 3 square meals a day, for the past day and a half, but the swelling worsens considerably, perhaps as I create more saliva to digest the food.

When a few glasses of water in my stomach doesn't keep my mouth, throat, and nose hydrated enough to pass lymph, the swelling has started to close my airway enough to frighten me. It's eventually helpful to slosh water around, in my mouth, helping my tongue to go down in size, a little bit at a time. This has helped me to breath through my nose, and to fill my lungs much more easily.

The occasional, peppermint hardcandy has helped to keep me salivating, once I've had a few glasses of water, already, but a lozenge with sucrose may exacerbate the problem, if I'm not imaging things.

I also seem to sweat more than normal during such an episode (when there is water in my stomach), although I'm attempting to recuperate from long periods of over-exercising.

I would surely like to hear a reassuring prognosis, but I know that each individual is different, based on their own, changing circumstances.

I see that I'm not allowed to withdraw my comments at my own discretion.

As this may not be an allergy, after all, I'll try to crosspost it in another section, in case I, or anyone else, can benefit from any advise.
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Thanks very much for the encouragement.

I have always preferred natural things, provided that they are relatively safe and available.

If you're able to give any advice, or if you have any questions for me, I'll be back online, tomorrow morning.
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