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Dry eyelids

Hi, For 2  years I have had dry skin on my eyelids. The eyes get dry, sting a little an then get flaky skin or sometimes the skin will crack. Along with this my ears ooze  a yellow substance from inside the ridge at the top of my ears, it then gets very dry around the ear. After the first year I started to get lesions/dry skin on my elbows and belly button.
Last summer I spent in spain and was given Centrizine for it by a chemist, after a week the symptoms were suppressed but would return slightly if I stopped taking it. I also believe the sun and sea helped alot.I have returned to london and the symptoms are back except for the lesions as of yet. I have been taking the Centrizine but it is not effective anymore. Can anyone help with this?
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Hello Brethser,

Just finished reading your comments. It sounds to me like perhaps you
could benefit from a visit to a dermatologist. Where I live, you need a
referral from your doctor for a dermatologist. Have you been to see your
family doctor regarding this issue ?  Good luck to you.  Eve
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Agree with evewisewoman.  I myself have eczema, but I can't say if your diagnosis will be the same.  There are other conditions that can cause similar symptoms.  Treatment could vary a great deal, depending on the diagnosis.  After you see the doctor and get a diagnosis, post back, and you might be able to get some suggestions from peers who have the same condition that you do.  
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Several diseases have same sort of symptoms. Your symptoms seems to be alike eczema but still it would be great if you consult with a doctor so that you will get the right treatment at right time without any side effect.
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