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Enlarged Adenoids from allergies- can they go down?

Hi everyone,
I just started on a sort of hybrid Rush immunotherapy/regular allergy shot schedule. I had a ton of shot the other day and need 12 more tomorrow and then get 1 a week for a year after that. I have also been suffering chronic inner ear infections because of enlarged adenoids as a result of my lifelong terrible allergies. My question is- will the adenoids shrink down as they should have years ago? If so how long do you think it will take? My doctor wants me to have surgery right away to remove the adenoids but I am unemployed and cannot afford it especially after deciding to go through with the allergy shots. Thanks everyone!
*P.S. I am a believer already in the rush immunotherapy, although I had a hard time finding a place that would do it since it is new, I really am glad I finally did!
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