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Everyone who had allergy immunology shots.

Question. How often do you or did you get your shots, how well are they working?

I started 3 times a week at first. 3 a week triggered reactions that we were trying to stop but I had lots of meds I took to handle cope with the shots rather than reduce the shots. I went from virtually living in a bubble back to a normal life in just 1 year from these shots. But now I am at max dose just 2 times a week and not feeling further improvement any more. It's not getting worst, just not getting better. I no longer have reactions to the shots.

I want my doc to make them strong enough to trigger a reaction but he says that wrong and will not help me. But I am not improving any more like I did when they were strong enough to trigger reactions.

So my question is who has reactions and who does not. Who is improving more? I want to know if I am on to something or if I am wrong. Was triggering my allergy and asthma a little each time helping?

I don't know if my doctor is worried about me since I needed my rescue inhaler 10 minutes after injections sometimes and stuff or if I am just wrong about this thinking.

I will start.
I took them 3 times a week and they were triggering asthma. Lots of improvement from week to week.
I dropped to 2 times a week and did not trigger my asthma so much, less improvement.
I dropped to 1 time a week and did not trigger my asthma but did not improve much.
Reached my max dose and do not have any reactions and do not feel improvement any more.

Please post how your shots made you feel and how often please. Thank you.
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BTY, this is opinion based so don't be afraid to answer. I want to hear what others think and felt. Thank you.
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bump. Please someone talk about their shot experience.
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