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Eye rash

I've had this rash for a couple of weeks It looks almost like a black and blue, but red and irritated. , and extends from below my eyebrow and beneath my eye. It doesn't hurt, does not itch, but I'm not quite sure why it suddenly appeared. I didn't get hit by anything. I did not eat any strange foods and I cannot locate a bug bite of any sort.  It almost looks like the skin has been burned

I'm treating it with hydrocortizone.

Do you have any idea of what it could be?
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Its been two years that I have eye rashes and all over my eyes, i f go outside people get away from me because of my red eyes if u have any permanent treatment for this plz help me,
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I have a rash, beneath my eyebrows in the crease of my eye. It looks like I have on eyeshadow, but I don't.  I've had this rash for over a year, it itches and when I rub it, sometimes it feels as though I am cutting my self.  It's a reddish, purple color  and is on both eyes. I'm afraid that I left it unattended for so long, that the rash may cause permanent scarring. Please help me determine what this is and how do I treat it.
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I have the same rash. started with dry skin on upper eyelid. Spread to both eyes then one day overnight it spread to the lower eyelids and became slightly swollen and red. It is also darkening the skin around my eyes. The dermatologist game me cortisone cream. Didn't help at all.
I have read many threads about this rash and NO ONE can give a solutions that works. Some have been living  with this for years and no one can help them. If you find something that works, please post it, so that others can try it. This is terrible to live with.
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