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Face rash - 2months, everyday at same time, hot to touch (HELP)

Hello, (wasnt sure where to place this, because i am unsure what it could be)

i have had this rash for 2 months now, more like a hot flush - because i dont have it all day (well at its max)

i wake up with a slight tinge, but barely noticable, by the time at work its gone, but by 12 - 2pm it flares up, cheeks turn red and hot, stays around for like 2 hours than disipates slowly, by 6 - 7pm most of the redness is gone

i have noticed
- my skin is patchy (white patch like when it flares up)
- larger pores
- strenuous activity makes me really hot (only when the flare up occurs - i can lift weights, go in the sun and not feel hot at all)
- more tanned, less noticable
- had a very sore throat, lots of white mucus a few weeks back (maybe viral infection)

Prior to this i was using -
melanotan 2 - which could have caused this (around 2 weeks in)
eyedrops (dry eyes)
some strong vitamin E cream (maybe allergic reaction)
aloe vera

- i have tried various supplements, otc creams nothing has helped

doctor prescribed me some triamcinolone cream (but doesnt really help) - i need to go get a blood test done

any ideas what this could be?

thinking could be:
Fifth disease
scarlet fever

Prior to this my skin was really nice, now sad times.
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Sorry, hit enter too fast. Anyway I don't think it can be either scarlet fever or Fifth disease because of the rash and fever. I can see Fifth disease to still be possible, because it may act differently in adults than kids. But I don't think it could be scarlet fever at all. I mean it usually comes it a facial rash yes, but also a high fever, strawberry tongue, and then a full on rash. Also you feel pretty freaking miserable if you got it. That doesn't mean it's Rosacea or Lupus and it definitely could be an allergic reaction to something.

Anywho I hope that helped a little.
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Rosacea sometimes reacts to acidic foods. Do you eat a lot of tomatoes, peppers, soda, coffee, alcohol? Lupus can similarly react badly to foods so it's not a guaranteed thing.

Scarlet fever usually comes with the high fever and doesn't go away, usually gets worse and develops into a full body rash also a doctor should have seen it spot on. Kind of hard to miss.

Fifths disease can give you that "slapped" face look. That's actually distinctive of it. But again I think the rash is supposed to spread and not get better. It also usually comes with a low fever.

I'm not completely familiar with lupus but I believe it can look like many other things because it's symptoms aren't very universal. A friend of mine with lupus has the typical arthritic flare ups, lack of energy, and diet restrictions but I'm not too sure about any other symptoms that are common with it.
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