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Facial Pain, Dizziness, going on 15 months - not sinus infection - PLEASE help

So allergies might not be the correct section for this but I am at a loss for the cause so putting it here among related posts.

I am SO desperate for help on this issue it is making me depressed so have turned to this. Please do not skip since a long post, as I feel it may be necessary to give all the details and not have people suggest things that are ruled out.

The main symptoms of my problem are a combination of facial pain in my cheeks, dizziness or feeling ‘off’, vision difficulties, and a rapid heart beat. I have read some posts online of similar problems, but all seem to revolve around sinus infections which apparently isn’t a problem for me. Given that I am a university student entering my final courses and this problem has persisted over 15 months so far, it has me incredibly concerned and doctors are either at a loss for my problem or just not willing to help.

Allow me to explain the past 15 months in more detail, perhaps someone has had some similar history.

So one day the end of May 2007 I was sitting on my couch studying as usual. I noticed pain in my cheeks and the bridge of my nose and some tightness in my forehead. This is turn seemed to affect my eyes as it seemed when I was studying that words seemed either over focused or doubled, at the same time. My concentration was affected and I would sit there rubbing my face. At this point I found decongestants seemed to help and I could go along as usual. I brought this up to my doctor and I tried various types of sinus medications as she was sure it was an infection. These didn’t help and one day I actually felt dizzy and unsteady. We assumed it was a side affect of the meds and I stopped talking them. I had short periods of panic and my heart would race when I didn’t feel right. At the end of June I went on a holiday to Miami taking a load of medications but alas I was 100% fine there and upon returning felt fine more or less (despite a crazy cold due to a moldy hotel room). Throughout the summer I would have the odd day of facial pressure, but nothing a decongestant couldn’t seem to relieve.
Starting in September symptoms started coming up more frequently and the beginning of October 2007 I had this dizziness feeling, not like I was going to fall down or things were spinning, but like I was doped up on medications and not 100% in control of my body. It was extremely difficult to get through school for the next 2 months. I went to two different ENT doctors, both saying my sinuses were actually fine. One said it was maybe stress but there was no real trigger point around any of this and I felt these symptoms were actually what brought on the stress. I tried a variety of nasal sprays with no real results. The doctor put me on prednisone for a week the end of Oct and I felt drastically better for part of that, only to slip right back into it again afterwards. When it all got extremely bad in November I went to emergency and they tried the prednisone again for 10 days but this time it didn’t work.

I have had problems with headaches/neck & back problems my entire life due to car accidents as a child but that I had actually felt I had gotten more under control with acupuncture for my back and dry needling to my neck and scalp to relieve the headaches, rather than traditional chiropractic which never had much results.

Throughout December 2007 my symptoms seemed to gradually subside a little bit. I did go for sinus acupuncture at the beginning of Dec, but given I have tried that recently too with no results, I’m not sure if that contributed in Dec after all. First the dizziness drifted away, and then the facial pressure and occasional swollen/stuffed up nose. From the beginning of January until later in March EVERY symptom drifted away. I still had extremely stressful periods in that time with school but nothing seemed to bring back the problems so I do not think stress is the cause. I was definitely not convinced it wouldn’t return, but hoped it was some virus I had finally kicked. Then one day later in March I got quite congested for a couple days, and some facial pressure, then suddenly the dizziness came back a week later and I was under my constant fog again.

It is very difficult to explain the dizziness.. it’s like an unsteadiness and my eyes seem to over focus. If I were to look at one thing, it seems like it takes longer and more energy to focus, and then when I switch to look at something else, it unfocuses, slowly moves and then longer to refocuses again (not minutes or anything that dramatic). I did have my eyes checked and they said there was a small area I could have reading glasses, but due to the nature of my symptoms this did not seem to be the cure. I also find that sometimes when I stare at something it suddenly pops out at me and overfocuses then becomes blurry. This is especially noticeable and troublesome if I am at any kind of store. All of this causes much eye strain, which on 'normal days' is not there at all.

Since the spring I have gone for a CT scan – no problem there. Allergy tests – very very slight allergy to mold but she definitely didn’t think it could contribute to all of this. The topic of seasonal allergies had come up, but have since been ruled out, especially since when I went to Israel for a month May-June (humid in some areas, dry in others) this was not an issue at all. However, upon my return mid June it came back, almost the same day. I had a few scattered days in July where I was fine, but I have been horrible the last few weeks again and terrified for the start up of school again. I am trying a mouth guard for possible TMJ but don't believe that is helping.

Nothing in my life changed during Jan-March so I have no idea why this went away and why it is still haunting me. When all of this acts up I have no energy and get depressed because I feel like I can’t function normally. It’s impacting all aspects of my life and makes me stressed and cry almost every day. I so desperately want a cure and have no idea what to do and doctors aren’t giving me any help. I had hoped upon graduation in the spring to get a job in the United States, but if this problem is still around I cannot even think of moving somewhere with no free health care.

If anyone, ANYONE can relate or help, please please please help me!
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How have both of your symptoms been?? any improvements?
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The doctors have found that I am in the pre-diabetic stage.  I was shown a video explaining that when insulin levels increase, most diabetics have headaches because the arteries in the head become inflamed, but in some rare instances, the arteries in the face can become inflamed.  Since the arterties in the face lay next to the sinus tubes, you feel as though you have severe since pressure, such as mine does.  These are known as facial migranes.  The headace specialist said that I was the first patient that he had actually treated with this type pain.  They have put me on medication for the diabeties, and since starting to take it, I have been able to reduce the amount of pain medication.  Actually only taking half the amount that I was taking.  All the other problems are better to, including the dizziness.  This is something you really should have checked.  I know that being a student, you don't always have the best eating habits.  Not saying that you are diabetic, but not have proper eating habits and cause other types of blood sugar problems.

Keep in touch.
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I was reading this post because I get such terrible pain from my sinus allergies.  I can see some things here are different from what I experience, but some things are some things are similar.  The information about car accidents and TIA's might be things I need to keep in mind myself.

As for the diabetes, I do know where you can find some useful information on that.  Mercola.com has some very good information and I saw that he even gives some hope for people who become diabetic later in life.  I realize the problem comes from all the toxins in the numerous pharmaceuticals, but the information he has on his site is truly good information.  And, for once it doesn't involve more pharmaceuticals.  I think you will want to read the information he has to say, because he also warns about putting people with type 2 diabetes on any amount of insulin.  That does more damage to these peoples' health than does working out a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Of course, I also avoided all the things your doctor already told you to avoid.  It turns out that I'm allergic to all those things anyway.

I used to be pre-diabetic, but I lost a lot of weight when I changed my diet when I found out I had a lot of food sensitivities.  I still have some weight to lose, but my conventional doctor is absolutely thrilled and really loves what dietery changes I made for the better.  I had my diet almost right for years but still wasn't losing any weight no matter how much exercise I did.

Once I stopped all dairy and all gluten, I started to lose weight.  By a year and a half later, eventhough I didn't notice it myself, my friends kept telling me that I lost a lot of weight.  It wasn't until I saw what the scales said at the doctor's office that I was finally convinced that I had lost a significant amount of weight.  It was especially noticeable when I went clothes shopping with a friend and saw that I needed clothes much smaller than I thought that I needed.

I'm no longer pre-diabetic.  

Gluten-free diets are not really so bad.  There are a variety of foods that one can eat that don't have gluten in them.

I just wanted to let you know that there is hope, even if you've been told that you have to watch out with diabetes or pre-diabetes.  Unlike what people are usually told, once you have type 2 diabetes, that doesn't necessarily have to mean a life-sentence with it.  You'll read such useful information on mercola.com.
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Aw I'm sorry to hear about your pre-diabetic diagnosis! Though, I am sure you are relieved to actually have a diagnosis and not keep wondering. I hope things improve for you!

I will keep your advice in mind. I actually live at home still, so my dad feeds me well. Though moving out could be a different story as I am not too handy in the kitchen.
I am still trying to come up with different possibilities to my doctors. I had read about somethnig called pseudo-tumor cerebri which apparently can give off a lot of the symptoms I am getting.. and is due to pressure in the head coming from the spine (or something). COnsidering I have ALWAYS felt that I have periods of pressure changes in my head.. who knows, maybe this could explain it? Apparently there is a lumbar puncture they can do to test to pressure/fluid, and something that test inself is enough to relieve the pressure. It's worth looking into atleast. Unfortunately the neurologist I saw is taking a bunch of winter holidays this year so I can't get in until April -- great!
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Hi...I'm a 44 yr old female who has also had all of these strange and confusing symptoms.  I have had one diagnosis of 'Vestibular Loss" but still struggle with pain and dizziness.  My neurologist suggested an ear test.  It tested the function of the vestibular nerve in the ear.  The test showed that I had significant "loss" in both ears for unknown reasons.  I did some physical therapy and achieved some relief but still deal with the facial pain, neck pain and dizziness on occasion.  

Your posts made me wonder if there yet another thing I should investigate in the hope of finding relief and a NORMAL life again.

I wanted to share my diagnosis with you all in case you found it helpful.
Here's to your health,
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Did you know that many of these symptoms are also symptoms of silent migraines?  Check out the information in the migraine/headache health information pages and see if those symptoms match what is going on with you.
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I have been suffering from the exact same symptoms as you for the past 6 months.  I also was in a car accident many years ago- but never had any problems afterwords. I work in the medical field and have access to doctors and tests- I have seen a cardiologist, ENT, neurologist, chiropractor, and rhuematologist and have had countless blood tests and MRI's. Everything has been negative except for auto immune markers in my blood work- which doesn't explain the pain and vertigo and a diagnosis of two herniated discs in my neck. I occasionally have days when I feel "normal", but they are far and few between. I too am frustrated and depressed at times, but determined to find an answer.
I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled in August and the symptoms started in September. I am wondering if there is a correlation between the two. Have you had your wisdom teeth pulled?

Please keep me posted.
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i dont know if anyone is still reading or blogging on this post, however, I have these same symptoms.

I COMPLETELY understand what you mean about how the dizzyness goes dormant from about january to april or may, and then hits you again out of no-where, until about august. and then i may have a spell or two until the same time again next year.

Ive had tests done in all kinds of departments including cardiology, ive had my ears checked, blood work done, and nothing seems to make sense to my doctors.

the first time it ever happened was in 2007 in my computer class in high school, and went on for about a week. then it would proceed to happen about once or twice a year, for about a week long period. getting dizzy for about 10 minutes, on and off, throughout the day.

the worst part is, things seem to get better after that week of hell, and you forget that you even have a problem, for about 4-5 months, then BAM you get nailed with a paralyzing dizzyness that leaves you depressed and scared to even leave the house. in fear that you will just get dizzy again in an unfamiliar place.

any suggestions as to where to should go from here?
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I am a 40 year old woman who has suffered the same symptoms as you for 10+ years. Mine seem to come in spells or waves. I am also a hormonal migraine sufferer, and I have mitral valve prolapse. My doctors seem to think mine is sinus pressure making me have spells of "unsteadiness". Like you have said, its not really dizziness more like a feeling that all the blood is rushing to your head with extreme pressure behind your eyes. I am on antibiotics now along with predinizone steroids. I drive for a living and it is very frightening having these "spells" while traveling 70 mph down the road. It is very depressing but also relieving to read that I'm not the only one out there with these crazy symptoms. Take care!
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Wow, I can't believe I found your post.  Your symptoms are practically identical to mine.  I'm 39 years old and I'm in my last year of law school. Five weeks ago I developed the worst sinus infection of my life.  I have white patches on my tongue and my throat is red and inflammed.  I can barely taste any of my food and I sometimes have a metallic taste in my mouth.  After five weeks of antibiotics, steroids, and nasal sprays, my CT Scan reveled I don't have a sinus infection and my sinuses are perfectly clear.  My PCP said the infection in my mouth and throat has gotten worse, despite the antibiotics, but they don't know the source of the infection.  I still have the painful pressure in my forehead, shooting pain in my cheeks and teeth, and numbness along my jawline.  Last week my heart starting racing; my resting heart rate was a minimum of 108 for three days.  The racing heart isn't constant anymore, but I still get it every once in awhile.  I have M.S., so yesterday my ENT referred me to my Neurologist. I've also suffered from hormonal migraines in the past, but they haven't been an issue for me in almost ten years.  I don't know if any of my latest symptoms could be related to my M.S. or migraines.

I'm curious if you've found a diagnosis and/or cure for your symptoms.
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Oops sorry I have missed these posts somehow.. though unfortunately still 2 years later I am battling with this... every day I think since June 2008 now   :( I have periods where its not quite as bad, but still with me everyday, mostly all day. I have spent likely a few thousand dollars in the past year searching out every way I can - honestly I am getting close to trying a hypnotist to see if they can at least relax me (not kidding!)

As for the questions...

frustrated813 - I had my wisdom teeth pulled 7 years before this ever started so i am 100% sure it's not related to that for me.

dizzystudent - Other than Jan-late March 2008, I have not had a winter period (or any real period) of a break from this. I wish mine was as spurattic(sp?) and not often as yours seems to be :( i have tried everything.. but haven't given up hope yet.. but it's hard somedays.. especially to put on a fake face to people and act like everything it a-ok but you feel like you are in a fog and hard to concentrate on anything.

texasbluebonnett1391 - What is mitral valve prolapse? Did prednisone help you at all? That was one of the first things doctors had me try (back in fall 2007 unfortunately).. after a few days on it i felt soo much better, then as soon as it ended i was back to old me. Then a few weeks later they tried me on a stronger dosage and it didn't work at all

puzzling - yeah I am not sure if mine are related to migraines either. I am taking various meds to try to prevent migraines, and been trying various therapies, but i have always had neck/back problems and not great posture so I find it hard to believe it could be that for me and have come on suddenly.. especially to have it go away for periods. Part of me really still believes its sinus related... especialyl because of the facial pressure, but I have been to 3 ENTs that have basically sent me away, so I am not sure what more I can do :( I think all the stress of dealing with this for long has also affected my nerves and anxiety levels.. which only makes things worse and harder to cope.

I have added this column to my watch list now so hopefully I will see future replies!
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Just came upon these posts and I too suffered from dizziness, sinus, facial pain and nerves 2 years ago.  I had numerous CT scans, went to specialists and finally a chiropractor and that is what ended the dizzy spells.  I had to go for about 4 months a couple times a week, but it was worth it.  My spine and verterbraes were all out of wack.  My PCP send it was a bad sinus infection, but not sure.  I was put on Celexa for my nerves because I just couldn't think of anything else but the dizziness and feeling awful.  It worked great and was only on it for about 6 months.  I continue to be plagued with sinus problems but not to that extent.  Have you tried a chiropractor? That may be your answer.  Good luck to you.
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Thanks for the post! I actually have tried chiropractic, and accupuncture and dry needling and physio, and massage, and chinese energy therapy, and naturopath.. lol I finally tried chiro full force for a few months this spring/summer. After a week or so my neck felt looser and my headaches declined and my dizziness started to become a bit less severe.. for about a week or two .. then some movement she tried didn't go well and i went back downhill from there without an improvement :( I am still trying physio, and the odd chiro adjustment... but i can't afford chiro 3 times a week for 4-6 months.. especially if 2.5 months of steady gave me no hope :(
I am actually back to trying Celexa now.. I took it for 5 months in late 2008 with no real benefit though.. but giving it a shot again. I had tried Paxil once.. but it kept making me really sick. Did the Celexa help your dizziness? or the chiro? little confused there. How high of dosage were you taking of Celexa?
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I was on 10 mg a day of Celexa.  It certainly made me more calm without side effects which was great, but I truly believe it was the chiropractic treatment that helped me more than anything.  Sounds like you have tried everything with not much relief.  Nerves can really mess up your system so maybe that will be your answer.  best of luck
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Hey everybody....it shocked me reading ur posts because I am experiencing the same dizzy blurred confusion in my vision with the sinus pain. Drinking does seem to help temporarily but doesn't cure anything. I am 22 and young like sickstudent and thought I was going crazy. I suffered from valley fever not to long ago so drs always say its just that flaring up but its a completely different feeling. Let me know if you guys find anything.
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I've been keeping up with this particular post site, as well as another by 'spoonybard', hoping so much that I'll get more insight into these symptoms we all seem to have in common.  I'm wondering, have you found any more clues as to what this could be for you?  I could have sworn I saw a post by you that you finally found it had to do with a vitamin B deficiancy.  Was that your post?  I have done the allergy testing, (no allergies to anything), CT sinus scan, (no infection, fungal or bacterial), just a deviated septum. No hearing problems or through testing, nothing growing in that area.  I go to a neurologist next week, and I'm getting so depressed over this, especially the daily headaches, dizziness.  I was in a car accident about 20 years ago and got a concussion.  My ENT feels part of the trouble may stem from calcium particles that were knocked loose into the vestibular canal and that when sinus trouble (I have non-
allergic rhinitis) begins, I get inflammation that seems to aggravate the vestibular ear canal.  I'm so tired of hearing what it 'could' be.  On another post, many people have said they found their sympoms were from yeast overgrowth in the body.  I have always been prone to yearst infections and so I thought, "could it be!?".  I went to my homeopathic store and got a yeast cleanse that I'm into the second day of.  We'll see.
I would really like to know how you're doing, since after reading all your posts, I'm truly hoping you have found some relief.
Hope we all find the answer!
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I have been having the same symptoms for almost a year.  It will come and go like many of you posted.  My doctor treated me for a sinus infection but after two rounds of antibotics it never completely helped.  What is really strange is my husband is now showing the same symptoms as me.  We live in an older home and I am wondering if the problem stems from allergies in the home. I feel like I have been able to manage the dizziness with lots of exercise and cutting back on caffeine. Thanks for sharing your stories...though little has been resolved it makes me feel better.  
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I have the exact syptoms but my biggest issue is finding help. About 3 years ago i was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome with orthostatic intolerance. Year later i was then diagnosed with MCAD and EDS. (connective tissue disorder) 3 Months ago i had a positive test for Epstein Barr Virus. Now this sinus stuff has been going on for months ( i think around 6) Problem is that they blame the dizziness and lack of concentration on my POTS. I know its not. My  blood pressure is pretty good. I cant go on living like this. I am passing out again because anything can effect my POTS. I have horrible face pain, dizzy, heart rate is nuts, i cant see straight. Antibiotics help when im on them, but as soon as im done, they stop working. I am about to drop out of college because i cant think.. anyone have any ideas? I have over 6 specialist, which none seem to help. :/
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I COMPLETELY understand what you're describing and you're not crazy at all, though this condition is quite depressing, I agree. I have very similar symptoms, the most distressing being the "out of body" dizziness feeling that completely inhibits my ability to do my job well, to read, write, etc. I am absolutely exhausted and cannot imagine having gone through this when I was a student; I probably would have taken a leave of absence. This has been going on for years for me, unfortunately. I have had extensive and multiple tests (with Neurologists, ENTs, etc.), including MRIs with some of the best docs one can find in the U.S., and they have all pointed me towards a diagnosis called "Chronic Subjective Dizziness." I highly recommend you look this up b/c I believe this is what's going on with you, too. What's disturbing about this diagnosis is that doctors don't really understand the cause. The condition is very much related to anxiety. SSRIs such as Zoloft are supposed to help, and I've been taking that for nearly a year. It keeps me from feeling totally panicked by this disabling condition, but I'm still dizzy and "in a fog." Sometimes I can hardly focus my eyes. Check it out and let me know what you think. My heart truly goes out to you, friend.
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I am so glad I found this community. I have been having the same symptoms. My maxillary facial pressure is incredible. It starts with this and extends to my jaw and left ear and affects my teeth. I have pain/pressure in my top back teeth but actually worse in my left lower back 2 teeth. I understand the top teeth can be affected but my lower left back 2 teeth are the worst. Dentist say there is not infection in those teeth.The off balance/dizziness are alarming. It feels like my face/head are going to explode. I am 56 yrs. old and female.Barametric pressure up or down seem to affect all of thisI. I always feel fatigued with hardly any energy.  Any thoughts?
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You may have anxiety.  See if your doctor will perscribe Clonezepan .25 twice a day...its a very low dose but can be enough. This drug is used to treat anxiety and equilibrium problems..so just might kill 2 birds with one stone.
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I'm a 28 year old female with three kids. My dizziness started slowly. I was eating lunch with my family and I felt tilted and later that day I had a headache. Then a few days later I was watching a movie and I felt dizzy (like I couldn't focus). Then it went down hill from there. For a week I couldn't read or do anything that required consentration because it seemed like my eyes wouldn't focus. Then the next week I could read, but I was still dizzy (like I was imbalanced). I could walk and move around fine for these two weeks. Then it felt like I was being pulled to the left for a few days. I've had a lot of different facial pains, most of them are on the left side of my face including jaw area and teeth. A lot of cheek bone discomfort in front of my ear and temperal headaches. For a little while the dizziness went down and the headaches increased. I have been to my GP twice and she put me on prednisone for six days. That didn't seem to make a difference. I have been to the ENT doctor they didn't seem very helpful. I had a hearing test and everything came back normal. I still have the disequillibrium feeling and the headaches come and go a lot, with the facial pain. I have a MRI scheduled for this Friday. After reading everyone elses posts I'm scared that this problem will never be fixed. I'm a student as well and class is suppose to start tomorrow, but I don't know if I can sit through it and consentrate on chemistry. I also had flashing in my left eye, but I went to my eye doctor and he said that I had a large floater in the back of my eye. He said that my dizziness cause could have caused my floater as well. Any ideas?
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I'm so glad I read your post.  I have almost the same exact symptoms!  I have sinus/ear pressure that will turn into facial pain, headaches and dizziness.  About a year and a half ago, I had the same sensation of being pulled to the left and a horrible roaring sound in my left ear.  I absolutely could not walk straight!  After much research, I am thinking that many of these symptoms have to do with the Sternocleidomastoid muscle.  If you look it up, this muscle can affect many muscles in your face, ear and sinus.  I am going to try my Chiropractor as I have not had any success with my PCP or ENT.  I do know that misalignment of the C1 C2 vertebrae can cause dizziness and who knows what else. I do have a mild allergy to dustmites, but I don't think it would cause all this crap.  I rarely have a runny nose or sneeze.  
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Well the headaches have disappeared. Dizziness and facial pain has decreased. Now it is more of an off-balanced feeling. If I go to lean on one leg I almost fall over. Hallways make the off-balanced feeling worse. MRI came back "grossly normal". I'm still waiting on ENT to tell me if there is anything else I can do. I'm going to an eye specialist next week, because of the flashing in my eyes. I developed a cold last week and I started taking Sudafed. It seems that the dizziness decreases a little when I'm on it. I'm not sure. I haven't taken any yesterday or today and I feel a little more off than earlier this week, so I don't know what that means. Let me know if the Chiropractor helps you. I think it could be a TMJ disorder. Good Luck!
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I was reading this post looking for some relief to my symtoms as well. I am experiencing the same symptoms to the t. Mine also evolved after a very stessful period in my life symptoms come and go I am 30 years old and experience dizzyness, pressure in the base of my neck, tightness in the front of my head, tingling in my jaw and left side of face, racing heart, and the whle nine yards. Doctors keep saying it stress. I also ser a counciler, an ent, nerologist, and have had several tests everything comes back ok as well. I feel it is effecting my every day life to. I am a single mother with three kids and hate feeling sick all the time. I force my self to keep going with every day tasks. I was also put on anti anxiety meds lexapro, and zanex as needed the zanex helps relax me so I get some relief but I sometimes still feel off as well. I have been told that it could be post tramatic stress disorder, or silent migranes. I have no good result either and am in hope of a dipgnosis as well. I constantly have somthing to drink and eat by my side it helps a little toale me feel better. Thats another thing I lost a signifigant amoun of weight 40 lbs with out trying and I eat like a horse and cant gain a pound. I somtimes feel nausaus as well but not freaquently. Im scarred as well and dont know what to do.
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Thanks for posting this.  I see my exact symptoms showing up for the first time.  I'm hitting the 24 month mark of sinus pain, dizziness, fogginess, inflammation and post-nasal drip.  Been through rounds of antibiotics, every over-the-counter medicine in existence, a year of allergy shots, acupuncture, diets, CT scans, an MRI and other homeopathic shots-in-the-dark.  Today the pain is in the base of my neck, but usually it is in my temples, upper sinus cavities or back of my eye sockets.

Never been in a car accident and have not had any unusual stress. But it came on very suddenly about 2 years ago and has not left. The cloudy, run-down feeling is the absolute worse part of it. It can be debilitating at times.

I do notice that the symptoms vary as the seasons change. Spring & Fall are more severe than winter/summer.  I'm not sure why, or why the allergy shots have not affected it.

The 2 things that work the best for me are ibuprophen (at least 4 at a time) and acupuncture gave me a significant relieve from the dizziness and mental confusion.

Ill monitor this forum. Hope to find more info....  Thanks everyone.
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Im so glad iv found this. Iv been suffering with all these symptoms for the last 11 yrs....on n off thou and the best part of nothin for 2 yrs :) but its bk again and its really taken toll on me after my 3rd baby has recently been born. Doctors never seem to really no what is goin on but somethin is or i wudnt have these symtoms happenin. I feel like it ruins my life when im goin throu it....i stay away from people as i think im the one who is crackin up.  but after reading all this i no its definately real wot is happenin. My new doc thinks its my sinuses, anxiety probs and then panic attacks. Now waitin on a hearin test and some bloods to be taken as i may be annemic too :( hence the dizziness and vertigo symptoms. Im so glad im not the only one as i can see we all get the same probs. If i eva find anythin that cures me il be lettin u all no on here :)
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I have been feeling this for six years and lately I think it may be something called Barré-Lieou syndrome. Something that IS NOT serious and groups almost all what we are feeling:

"Symptoms that characterize Barré-Lieou syndrome are headache, facial pain, ear pain, vertigo, tinnitus, loss of voice, hoarseness, neck pain, severe fatigue, muscle weakness, sinus congestion, a sense of the eyeball being pulled out, and numbness. Other symptoms may include a pins-and-needles sensation of the hands and forearms, corneal sensitivity, dental pain, lacrimation (tearing of the eyes), blurred vision, facial numbness, shoulder pain, swelling on one side of the face, nausea, vomiting and localized cyanosis of the face (bluish color)."


I'm going to visit a doc next week and if I get cured or if I improve, I will tell you all!

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Hi all. Just wanted to report back that I took the advice of my Neurologist (even though I was very skeptical)... and I am feeling better than I have in 2 years.

I visited a Neurologist in November. He performed a thorough examination and reviewed my CT scans and MRIs.  He said that he couldn’t find anything physically that would be causing my sinus pain, mild chronic headaches, dizziness and extreme lack of concentration.  But he was 90% sure that if I quit all OTC medicines and broke my addiction to coffee that I would get better.  Here is some info: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/rebound-headaches/DS00613/DSECTION=causes

The first week I gave up Ibuprophen and all other OTC drugs. Within a few days I developed one of the worst headaches I had ever had. That was surprising to me. On the 2nd day I took a single Oxycodin and the headache went away. I actually started feeling better. I haven’t been dizzy since.

The third week I switched from 2 cups of coffee to a couple of small cokes.  The sinus pain went away. Instead of my concentration and mental energy having peaks and valleys... it was steady some where in the middle.  I spent 5 or 6 weeks trying to give up cokes completely and wasn’t successful. Only because my life demands full mental energy and I couldn’t achieve it without at least a little caffeine.  But I will say that the symptoms are 85% better than before.  

During the 5 or 6 weeks, I developed a headache a few times. Each of those times I went to Starbucks and got a Latte and the headache went away. But my daily routine was a small soda in the morning and most days needed a small soda in the afternoon. Some days I went totally caffeine free... but those days I was not top of my game.

This week I went back to a small cup of coffee in the mornings.  My sinus inflammation and pain returned and my concentration has gone back to peaks and valleys.  I am going to experiment with different types of coffee to see if there is a difference... but I may have to give it up all together.  I have no plans to go back to the ibuprophens.  Thats pretty scarry stuff.

Good luck.

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I have the same thing. It is so frustrating. You need to go on a elimination diet. But before that go see a ND that specializes in applied kineseology.  Also have them check your teeth. Probably won't show up on an exray but a good Kinseologist can find the bad teeth.  The more natural route you go with this the better. I can totally control my symptoms now.  Did they do a food allergy testing?  Regular docs could never find the cause just want to drug you out.  Where are you located?  
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I have been suffering very similar symptoms to what you have all been describing.  Probably around 9 months ago I noticed that I had some slight balance issues - for example running on a treadmill, which I do a lot, took an inordinate about of concentration.  I ignored the unsteady feeling attributing it to dehydration or something equally benign.  Then around 4 months ago I experienced a very disturbing feeling of being completely out of touch with my body.  My vision felt disturbed, colors seemed too vivid, and just walking down the street was an out of body experience.  I had been having minor heart palpitations prior to that, and due to a family condition I had been to see a cardiologist.  The episode sent me into a panic and I experienced chest pain that sent me right back to the doctor.  The cardiologist indicated my heart was 100% healthy and in no way related to my symptoms.  After about 36 hours the symptoms went away and I assumed it was just allergies or something similar.

Around a month ago the symptoms came back full force (minus the chest pain which I think was anxiety driven), but this time have persisted almost constantly, with the addition of vertigo, short term memory loss, decreased coordination and a real struggle with concentration.  Also new is a low grade headache, mainly focused on the left side of my head.  My regular doctor tested me for mercury poisoning, which I had had a few years ago and presented some similar symptoms in terms of concentration and a feeling of physical detachment, but my level was normal.  I was also tested for inflammatory markers to check for things like Giant Cell Arteritis, which can cause some of those symptoms as well.  Tests came back negative as did tests for Lyme disease.  Lyme disease would have explained a lot of what I was feeling so I was disappointed it was negative!  Brain MRI was also normal.  Had a vision exam which indicated a very slight decrease in my left eye, but that can't possibly be causing all the issues I have been having.

My latest theory is that I have a vestibular disorder, which would make some sense given I have had ear infections pretty consistently throughout my entire life.  I see the Neurologist tomorrow and then an ENT on Monday.  While I don't have a pure sinus pressure some people have mentioned, in the last week or so I have developed some tingling in my left cheekbone and upper jaw, and just a generally strange feeling on the left side of my face.  I have some days that are better than others, but have had really bad experiences with vertigo and confusion when in large open spaces, for example at large stores with a lot of products lined up.  The vertigo makes me nauseous and it is impossible to focus on the products in front of me.  Almost everything throughout the day takes 2x the concentration.  I am fearful the docs won't find anything, and reading the posts here doesn't make me feel that confident.

For those of you who have dealt with these symptoms for years I commend you.  It is frustrating and depressing and I have only been coping for a few months.  I will let you know if I learn anything new...
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I had similar symptoms begin at a very stressful period in my life-extreme facial pressure and eye floaters. A very smart doctor diagnosed me with atypical migraine cause by stress and acute anxiety and prescribed .25mg Xanax 3x a day for a month and then gradually weaned me off. Totally fixed the problem. I had no symptoms for 2.5 years, and then boom, another major stressor in my life, and they all came back. I am going back to the doctor in a couple days, but the symptoms are certainly less worrisome this time around having been through it before. Just hope I don't lose my job which is the stressor that set them off again....
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OMG i felt as though this article was about me...I too get those pains and symptoms and with all the doctors and hospitals i have visited nothing showed up in my tests...So i was told it was anxiety...I would do anything to stop what i go through..Hope you get better though
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My doctor is very smart, he is and MD/ND  is considered diagnostic expert so these are the things that I can think of  that he tested me for  before I mentioned that I want to say my very best guesses is it could be an ear infection inflammation of your sinus cavities causing pressure and causing  dizziness. This is another good guess are you  grinding or clenching your teeth, it puts pressure  on the nerves of the face which causes inflammation this could be cause of dizziness and facial pain , wear a mouth guard . Going to college can be stressful, and cause you react to the pressure by clenching or grinding your teeth  also drinking coffee makes you grind and clench your teeth too . Parasites also cause people to grind their teeth. my MD told me STOP SALT to see if it helped get rid of dizziness. The other possible explanation is hidden tooth infection or cracked tooth. Here are some tests my doc ran  some of these are not the run of the mill tests and I paid out of pocket, Full CBC , B-12 check and iron/ ferritin check, hormone, levels , thyroid  get all the glands checked to make they are all working correctly,diabetes,  get a cat scan to see if you have a pinched nerve and pinch nerve can caused dizziness .  low blood sugar. Here is something people rarely think of  food allergies , when I worked in this field. I saw someone that came in with dizziness heart palipitaion and the blood vessels had burst in their eyes, because they some brownies that had peanut oil in them! I know it is hard to believe that food allergies can cause very serious symptoms. I would  go on a simple diet like salads with avocados and get allergy tested there is a test that shows that your body cannot break down wheat it is not a regular test that most doctor even know about, Seriously would consider going on a super clean diet elimination diet for at least  8  months it takes a while to reverse the damages and get the toxins.stop  Food allergies can cause dizziness, and supplements can too. One of the most deadly things is aspartame and sugar substitutes I met someone that was hospitalized from drinking tea and the tea bags had some sort of solvent on it that was a strong chemical  Look at everything you touch, eat and smell. Stop shampoos conditioner etc and buy organic natural . Get a real lyme test from the only lab experts use it is Real Lab TEST that can is doing the PCR test not ELISA or the Western Blot. You could have an ear infection and not know it  I would just go ahead and buy some stuff on Amazon and treat your ears .  The other new illness on the  EMS stands for Electro magnetic sensitivity since everything is energy well we are effected by EM stay away from cell phones, lab tops Do you have smart meter? When was it placed on the residence ? For me I think the old meter were better safer for us Do your research you will stunned that some people actually have seizure from EMS ! Since it takes many parasite checks to get a 100% accurate results  then consider  going on a super parasite cleanse many symptoms are linked to parasites,  people will suffer needlessly for months and years because the one test they took for parasites was negative. So  think again it might be parasites. I just read the reviews on Amazon and picked Hulda  Clarks parasite cleanse It is supposed to do the trick . It also could be mold or spores ,  mycotoxins poisoning you would need to read Dr. Shoemakers book to get tested If I had to guess I would say it is hidden tooth infection or sinus inflammation,

Also think about what were doing before you got sick , did you move did you have any medical procedures and this might be a key. Consider seeing a neurologist .Find and ND or integrative medical to run a candida overgrowth test especially if you were on antibiotic before you got sick Candida overgrowth can cause dizziness too
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however, I had a very similar situation that began in Feb. 2007 and I just now found relief...call me fortunate but I have been through heck trying to find something that would work.  I too had the fascial pain still do some, but it was so terrible I couldnt move, my jaws were sore, my Massater muscles in my face would just cramp and pain and burn.  My dizziness was nuts, some days i would feel just off, enough to make me feel sick to my stomach other days I could hardly walk.  I looked ok so nobody thought I really had issues but i had em, days on end of just sitting on the couch after work missing my childrens lives and mine. It affected my eyesite so much so I have to wear glasses...my saliva glands around my jaw were constantly swollen and i could hardly touch them without feeling discomfort.  

I have seen so many doctors, dentist, specialists, testing, etc. spent so much money i could have put my children through college.  I have had splints made and got braces because i was told it was TMJ related, had CT and MRI done, blood tests, nothing nadda, so many different drugs, anti inflamatory, water pills what nots, im pilled out and almost gave up it was so unbearable feeling dizzy, sick everyday and doctor could seem to help me.

About 2 years ago I went to Alaska for a week to visit a relative, never had been before.  I noticed by the end of the week I felt great, no pain, no dizziness, i came back home and within 3 hours it all started again, but I didnt correlate that at the time.  Then I went out of town again this spring, same thing, felt better, came back to Texas and before I got to the house it all started again.  So I told my ENT this and he suggested allergy testing, hmm i had never had allergies before.  So I did it, and found i was modestly allergic to many things and I dont know why.  Anyway he had made up a allergy shot based upon my test results.  I thought yeah right...but ill try it...4 week into it nothing, same issues face pain, dizziness etc...still seeing a fascial pain expert etc.  The 5th week I started feeling different, the facial pain started to go away slightly, the dizziness was still there but on a very low scale something i could handle with a couple asprin and it would go away.  6th week I still had jaw pain but my saliva glands in my face were not swollen and sore, as they had been for 7 years, the muscles in my face didnt hurt near as much.  I have to take these shots for an entire year to help me build an immunity to whatever is helping to cause this pain.  Im not saying its a cure all getting allergy shot but in addition to the tmj splint so far my life has been better thankfully. I just wanted to pass this along as it could save someone alot of time, money and especially paint/dizziness which have been a constant factor in my life that caused much depression and a feeling of helplessness.   Ill be around and hope I continue to improve over the coming year, so far so good.

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Wow I have been suffering from facial pain for 3 years now and today it is just killing me. I too have been to an ENT, Neuro, GP, CT Scans, lots of medication no help. I find that when I am not at my house it eases. I am convinced something in my house is bothering me but can't work at what. I am wondering whether there is some sort of mould in my room as my floor boards have started to bubble. I have been to the best allergist in QLD who is enable to find what exactly I am allergic too. I have consistent allergy signs being puffy cheeks, sunken eyes (look amazing - NOT) but I'm not really worried about the physical look I just need to get this pain undercontrol.. Thanks for your message as I will now go back to the allergist and have my floor boards attended to.
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I read your post... It read like a mirror. I know that doesn't help, but at least you know you're not alone. I too have had sinus CT, prednisone, antibiotics, 3 MRIs, 2 EEGs... and a partridge in a pear tree. Mine has been going on for over 3 years.

I have cheek pain, forehead pain, post nasal drip, visual fogginess, mental fogginess, migraines, dizziness, and most recently severe vertigo (different from the dizziness) with nausea. At least I finally got on disability through work. I cannot drive anymore. I cannot work anymore. I hate whatever this is.

I've tried meds, PT, dry needling, massage, chiropractor, etc... with no success.

I try to stay positive... I try to be silly. But, I still think this ***** and it affects too many things.

Hoping we can all find answers soon. I'm seeing a vertigo specialist soon.


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I just want to let people know I was getting the same thing, it's been one year now and I might be close to finding out what the problem is and how to fix it...
so just the other night I was getting horrible sinus pressure, pain, dizziness, vision problems and very bad anxiety, I used some colloidal silver spray up my nose, 30min later I felt like I was reborn, I was so happy I could not sleep that night. Having said that this might not work for all but worked for me, I felt great for about 1 week but I stated getting crazy dizziness and crazy anxiety all day today again, so just had some colloidal silver in the nose and I'm feeling much better. I believe there might be a connection with a infected tooth and the sinus as the sinus does connect to teeth. Hope this helps other people.
Bart K from AUS QLD
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I have felt this way for about a month now! In February I had a severe ear infection with vertigo I was treated with antibiotics. I still felt ear pain with dizziness so I went back again got another round of antibiotics with prednisone still felt sick! Now I feel dizzy like I am on a boat 24/7 very unstable on my feet and I have pain in the back of my head top of the head and forehead and my jaw ! I was just cleared by a ENT he assured me I had nothing wrong with my sinuses! Now I am waiting to get into a nuerologist!
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Has anyone here been tested for trigeminal neuralgia?
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I have had the same symptoms for almost 5 years.  I'm ready to quit my job that I love, because I feel so ill most of the time.  Same symptoms...facial pressure, vision affected, dizziness....comes and goes.  Used to go to the gym and work out, felt good at the time and then this cruddy dizziness started. Gained weight....no more gym.  Too afraid of passing out at the gym.  Just got off of a two week period where I felt amazing.  Did nothing different.  Then BAM!  I am so nervous to fly out on vacation next week, as I have passed out the last two times during landing.  Ive been to an allergist, and ENT, my GP and now onto a neuro consult next week.  I'm 47 and I feel like I have no life.  
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Things ruled out...brain cancer, vertigo, sinus infections, MS, ALS, wow....
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Thanks all for sharing your experience, I went through it all.

What I have is similar to most of the symptoms mentioned above, but to be more specific, this is what happened and where I'm now:

I'm 39 years old and I suffer from stress, osteoarthritis, bulged disc in the spine and another one in the neck. I used to suffer from sinus but it was treated last year in June. I also have TMJ on the left side which might be related to osteoarthritis or stress. I also get nausea and heart burn after every meal.

I get the headache and dizzensess most of the times, but not always, there are days where I'm running on the treadmill for 40 mins.

Last week, I had cortisol for 10 days, and I felt the old normal me. After the 10 days, I got severe headache which started on the left side of my head and behind my eye. After trying painkillers with no hopes, I went to the ER and they used a scoop to see my sinuses and there was no issue at all.

Today (after 7 days of continues headache), the pain moved to the upper side of my nose, I took Voltaren and it reduced the pain, but the remaining thing is heaviness in the same area and dizziness.

Today I remembered that I only get the headache when I try to concentrate, and when I try to concentrate I drink green tea and coffee. I feel like something between my eyes,and some times I feel as my eyes are crossed although that does not affect my vision.

I have booked appointments with different doctors, I will keep you updated with any useful information.

I have been dealing with all these symptoms mentioned above.Now to the sickstudent I say this;when these symptoms start coming on,set the book down,calm yourself down by controlling your breathing.I would feel these same symptoms come on and I would get my heart racing because I would start hyper ventilating myself because I would start freaking out about the way I'm feeling and that makes the symptoms even worse.Now I get up,walk to the sink and put some cold water on my face and breathe in deeply and out and my heart won't race.I get these feelings of being light headed and not quite there,like out of it,major pressure in head and ears and nose.I've been to all the doctors,ENT's,emergency room visits,2 cat scans.Severe headaches too,ringing ears,my head goes numb when I wear a baseball cap or tight winter hat.Also I have severe ear ringing,sounds like crickets chirping in my ears.Sometime when I'm watching tv just a camera movement will make me dizzy.Ears are constantly popping.The last visit to the ENT doctor(5 days ago) had me getting ears tested and then a prescription for vitamins(B2,CoQ10,Magnesium I really don't think they know what is going on with me or want to know.Symptoms are still on-going and I will check back to let anyone know if these vitamins work at all.I think I'm dealing with post concussion syndrome to my brain.I have had several head traumas throughout my life..both the CT scans were negative,it's probably something they can't see like the concussion thing.
I have been dealing with all these symptoms mentioned above.Now to the sickstudent I say this;when these symptoms start coming on,set the book down,calm yourself down by controlling your breathing.I would feel these same symptoms come on and I would get my heart racing because I would start hyper ventilating myself because I would start freaking out about the way I'm feeling and that makes the symptoms even worse.Now I get up,walk to the sink and put some cold water on my face and breathe in deeply and out and my heart won't race.I get these feelings of being light headed and not quite there,like out of it,major pressure in head and ears and nose.I've been to all the doctors,ENT's,emergency room visits,2 cat scans.Severe headaches too,ringing ears,my head goes numb when I wear a baseball cap or tight winter hat.Also I have severe ear ringing,sounds like crickets chirping in my ears.Sometime when I'm watching tv just a camera movement will make me dizzy.Ears are constantly popping.The last visit to the ENT doctor(5 days ago) had me getting ears tested and then a prescription for vitamins(B2,CoQ10,Magnesium I really don't think they know what is going on with me or want to know.Symptoms are still on-going and I will check back to let anyone know if these vitamins work at all.I think I'm dealing with post concussion syndrome to my brain.I have had several head traumas throughout my life..both the CT scans were negative,it's probably something they can't see like the concussion thing.
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After visiting different doctors, the following have been found:

1- While I can breath normally through my nose, after doing a CT Scan, they found that I have severe sinus blockage around my left eye, and in the forehead. The doctor advised that I will definitely have some relief after doing the surgery

2- Due to my frequent nasal infections, my GP order blood test related to the "IGA deficiency"  and the results came back positive, however, there is no cure for that, but at least I know now that it is not safe for me to do blood transfusion as I might have some anti-bodies....

3- As stress might be related to this as well, I would like to mentioned that I used to suffer from panic attacks and I was on cipralex 20mg (Anti-depressant doctors prescribe in Jordan) for one year, which helped me to get rid of the panic attacks however, I still have some anxiety and I'm trying to workout whether this might be the reason or could be a factor to the pain and dizziness.

I'm due for the sinus surgery in couple of months, and will let you know the results afterwards.

Merry Christmas!    
I have exact symptoms. Do you ever experience fatigue with it. Cause in my case its the most debilitaing part
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I have the exact same thing, happening to me! It's terrible and I just give up on going to the doctor cause they do nothing!! It's very frustrating and I came to the terms where I just have to live like this be miserable every single day!
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Just wondered how you were doing. I live in Ontario, Canada and I think your weather is similar to mine. I start with a dizzy spell. Then huge pressure starts in my cheeks,nose and eyes. My left ear then plugs as well as my left nostril.This leaves me off balance and just feeling blah.......
It does not matter what season it is as this is a daily thing. I was wondering if you experience any of this. Weather is certainly a trigger, but I seem to be worse when it is sunny out when there are no clouds
Any thought?
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I have had a lot of facial pressure,nasal pressure,pain when I look up an move eyes. I've gone to ent,allergy and other docs I don't know where to go next!!! I also have slight vision changes. Fifteen months now. Any ideas????
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I was so excited to find this and read everyone's experiences. To find people who are going through the same thing!

I have major facial pain, mainly in the cheeks and ears. It does travel down my jaw some times. Pressure and pain in the bridge of my nose, and tightness in the middle of my brow. Feels like a clamp around my head, crushing. If you have ever had your braces tightened or had a mouth appliance and tightened it with the key...well crank it up and that's how I can best describe it. I feel almost swollen sinuses. My neck is crazy tight as well as my shoulders.

Chiro has helped so much lately with cracking my neck. I feel like my head is too heavy and bobbly almost. I tried acupuncture, massage, changed diet to be cleaner. When this started it was May and I was not stressed. I already get allergy shots for my cat allergy ( over 4 years now). I have been to the dentist and I do need a mouth guard as I am clenching my teeth from the pain.  So far from reading peoples posts I am seeing the following findings:  

TMJ- Trigeminal Neuralgia
Barré-Lieou and Cervicocranial Syndrome

anything else I missed?

This all started over a year ago. Started as migraine/headaches for 6 weeks with sinus issues. CT scan was clear. I have sprays and drugs. Nothing helped. Seasonal change or barometer is a trigger. I do find when my cycle is around it adds to my migraine.headache. Last Christmas I had 3 rounds of antibiotics and nothing! Ice on my face can help; I developed the dizzy, vision issues (like you have someone else's prescription in your glasses randomly). a couple of months ago. Work is so hard because I deal with a computer so much. I have an appointment with ENT doc in July. I have my family doctor running a blood test and looking for everything! I will share when I get any results. Thank you everyone for posting!
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Hey girl!
I'd love to talk with you more about this. I'll try to keep my story short, but I've been dealing with my symptoms for ALMOST a year now and I've been to every Emergency room. two primary doctors. Had TWO CT scans and an MRI. MRI found a Thornwalt cyst in my nasopharynx region so I was convinced this was the cause of my problem. My ENT was not convinced, but decided to go through with surgery.
Had cyst removed , but STILL persisting with ALL of my symptoms. No relief.

Not sure if my symptoms will be any similar to yours, b/c I deal with daily headaches with the sinus pressure, BUT you talking about the dizzy/foggy feeling is what I deal with A LOT.

With not wanting to go through MORE doctors, more specialist , MORE medications, I decided to start researching and after thinking I had some sinister condition, I found out about NDPH. New Daily Persistent Headache. All the symptoms of this sounded like me, BUT, while reading about this, I found out about Cervicocranial Syndrome OR (BARRE’LEIOU SYNDROME) and I finally felt HOPE.

pretty much EVERY symptom matches what I experience. My symptoms include. ----Brain fog/foggy feeling/spaced out. Headache, usually dull or "brain freeze" type headache usually in forehead/behind eyes or nose. Nasal pressure/ pulsating/throbbing pressure in head and behind eyes and nose. Dizziness. ringing in ears sometimes. sore neck. stiff neck. Sore scalp/itchy. Frequent loss of voice/ scratchy throat. Dull pain when I take a deep breath. shortness of breath. sometimes chest pain. Tingling and numbness in one arm or both. involuntary eye movements and vertigo upon turning head to the side. Fatigue.

I guess it can also be called, intracranial pressure and csf leak.
Thought maybe this could help.
I am in the same boat completely. Headache for 1 year and two months. Consistent pressure under eyes, between left eye and nose, and nose bridge. Brain Fog. ENT, Cardiologist, 3 Neurologists, Dry Needling, 2 MRIs, 2 CTs, anyone have any solutions?
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Have you seen a dentist lately? An infection in the mouth or deep cavity can feel like sinus pressure and can cause a feeling of being on a boat or unbalanced. You may also be anemic,get those checked out.
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