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Frequent Illness

Hello I am a busy 30 year old mother who has suffered from frequent illnesses all my life. However over the past 2 years it has worsened dramatically. I catch a bug every 3-4 weeks like clockwork. These viruses I usually pick up from my school aged children, who are better in a day or two. For me the illness develops into a sinus and ear infection along with a bronchitis or pnuemonia. It takes about two weeks along with antibiotics and steroids before I can feel somewhat normal. Then two weeks later the process starts again. I only work part time, and am still constantly unable to work because I'm so sick. I recently graduared from college with my third degree, and fear I will never be able achieve my career goals, recieve gainful employment, and climb out of povery because of my inability to heal. I have quit every bad habit (drinking, smoking) about two years ago, and it seems this only contributed to the frequent illnesses. It is only mid-March and I have been terribly sick 4 times this year already, and I woke today with a sore throat and fatigue along with a headache and the usual sore nasal cavity feeling just before I get real sick. Of course It is Saturday, so it should it really hit me Monday rendering me unable to work. with each illness I feel a little more hopeless, I have a CT sinus scan scheduled for next week. I just want to be well to better help my family, someone please suggest something, anything that will help. Thank You
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Has your doctor talked to you about allergy testing or asthma?  Allergies can lead to all the symptoms you describe.  

Also, you should also start taking immune boosting supplements - vitamin D and zinc primarily, but C will help.  Some people find that echnacea is helpful.  If you are allergic to ragweed you need to avoid that though.

Hang in there.  There are answers.  
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Hi, welcome to the forum, the important causes needed to be ruled out are Deviated nasal septum (DNS) and allergic rhinitis. These conditions can lead to sinus infection, ear infection and headaches.

Other possibilities are laryngeal web, asthma, any structural abnormalities in the nasal passage such as nasal polyps, hypertrophied turbinates etc.

Recurrent infection is sign of low immunity.  You need to increase immunity by proper nutritious food, regular exercise, mental fitness etc. Vitamins, minerals, proteins will boost your immunity.

You need to undergo detailed examination of nose and radiography of the sinuses to rule out existing sinusitis.

The septoplasty or rhinoplasty for deviated nasal septum (DNS) will help you to relieve your symptoms. Oral anti-histaminics and nasal corticosteroid spray against prescription may help to alleviate allergic rhinitis symptoms. I suggest you to consult an ENT specialist. Take care and regards.

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