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General Anesthesia and Allergies
I had two pelvic surgeries in the last four months. Both times I received general anesthesia. The first time in May 07 I  had no trouble during the surgery but about an hour after I came to the recovery room my blood pressure dropped (as low as 50/30 for 30 minutes)/oxygen saturation dropped (as low as 79% for 30 minutes) and my heart rate was under 60 for about 30 minutes also. After that I was doing fine.
I just had anohter pelvic surgery 10 days ago, this time at a different hospital. I made them aware of my recovery room problems and they said that I was fine to go on with yet another general anesthesia.
This time the anesthesiologist told me that my blood pressure dropped the minute they introduced the narcotics. She said that they had trouble keeping my bloodpressure above 70 even with medication and that I should never have general anesthesia again.......
I just got the surgery report and it shows that I actually started spontaneous breathing during surgery and that they had to put me back under. I don't recall anything, but the doctor told me after the surgery that I was giving her a lot of sign that I was trying to wake up. After the surgery I never woke up until about 1 hour into the recovery room and my bloodpressure never went above 60 for that time.
I should add I am a 36 year old female with no known health problems.......
My question: Is there any testing that I could do now to figure out what I am allergic to?
Which doctor should I consult?
I am worried about the fact that I could be in an emergency situation some day where I would not be able to communicate problems with General Anesthesia.
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