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Gluten Allergy or something else?? Confused

In September I started experiencing stomach cramping and diarrhea so I thought I might have a gluten allergy or Celiac Disease.  I went off gluten for a week and started to a bit better.  However, when I went to get the blood test, I had to be on gluten again.  I felt fine after starting to eat gluten again and was fine for over a month.  However, in the last couple days I started to get symptoms again.  Sorry that this is a lot of detail but the diarrhea is not like normal diarrhea- it has mucus and is more gassy.  Does this sound like it could be gluten intolerance?  I'm sure the test must have been negative since I didn't hear anything back yet.  Any advice?  I would like to go for an allergy test to see if it's something else, but I'm not sure what the ways to go about that are.  Thanks!
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Hi Heather.
Welcome to the forum.
You can try the "Pulse Test" by Dr. Coca. It is a free download.
It takes about a week to complete, but well worth investing your time.
You will find what you re reactive to , including hidden or delayed allergies, sensitivities and reactions.
For treatment the best methods are holistic allergy elimination methods, that use Energy Medicine. Please note that should you have something like Chron's or Celiac, your diet HAS to be modified!
The GI and digestive systems are very complex.
It is very difficult to establish anything definite, as per your symptomology
The changeable terrain in the gut influences a variety of factors and only a comprehensive methodology will yield some concrete answers.
Another way to self test for now is the elimination or hypo-allergic diet.
Just do a search.
It will be a good idea to do a saliva Candida test as well. Just do a YouTube search for a video clip. Very easy to do and fast!
Hope this helps.
Take care.
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I had this kind of stomach pain and I discovered that it was caused by a medicine that I was using in that moment. Moreover, the stomach pain used to come together with breathless, like ashma. This really scared me... I hope you discover soon which are the causes for your alergic reactions
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