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Hay fever, already?

Morning all.
The last few days it’s been cold, windy and raining.

For some reason I have developed hay fever symptoms, runny nose, itchy eyes and weirdly, tingling lips.

I do suffer with hay fever but it’s odd I’m getting these symptoms when the weather is like this plus I never normally get the lip thing.

I’ve been taking my antihistamines but they only just take the edge off.

I’m wondering if there’s something else going on?

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One of my kids has wicked allergies.  I have Fall allergies which they normally call hay fever as does he but he also has a flare of spring allergies. Our allergist said this is from blooming plants, leaves budding out on trees, etc.  They are emitting things that they do so less during the warmer summer months.  Do you use anything like claritan?  My son uses that and a saline nasal wash.  It helps.  
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