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Headaches after Sinus Surgery

I am in my fifth week after FESS surgery - septoplasty, turbinate reduction and opening of front sinuses.

I had headaches in the second week that turned out to be due to a sinus infection - which was treated with antibiotics.

But now it seems that whenever I am outside for any length of time, or even active for a few hours doing stuff around the house, I get a headache.  I never had these headaches before the surgery - I had the surgery because I had chronic sinusitis.  And even with a bad infection, I wouldn't have headaches like these.  

I suppose that everything is still swollen up there, and there are raw nerves, that can't really stand being exposed to allergens flying around outside and getting stirred up in the house.

Just wondering if anybody has experienced this, and how long it really takes for things to heal up enough to not be so sensitive.

Also, is it worth trying some allergy medicine.  I never had any luck with allergy medicine before the surgery.  Astepro did seem to reduce my infections before the surgery, but doesn't seem to help in preventing these headaches.

Aleve or Motrin doesn't seem to help after the headaches hit - the only thing I can do is lie still in a dark room.  I'm afraid that sounds like a migraine.  

I am so tired of being useless and just lying on the bed all the time with the shades pulled.  I can't believe this is normal, but after reading on a lot of forums, it seems like it takes many months to completely recover from this surgery.

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