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Heat Spots on legs

I am 37 years old, my youngest Child is 3 months. For 3 days now I have been getting seemingly random 'hot spots'  on my legs, they start as a small heat ***** feeling and 'bloom'  out into a larger area of warmth. This is not painfull and there are no visible effects on my skin.  I do spend a lot of time on the floor with the children , could this be some sort of allergy to the carpet? The carpet is not new and there is no external irritation to the skin. Or should I see a doctor about it? ( note: I do have a history of cancer personally and in my family, but have been cancer free for 20 years).
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I'm wondering if you've received a response. I'm 41, son is 5 months. I am also experiencing this and the description matches yours to a "T" (only I'm experiencing them on the same spot in my left leg). I've searched and searched and haven't found anything that might explain what it is....
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I have your symptoms exactly, and i have a five month old.  Any luck on finding info?  I am stumped.  Must be hormonal????
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Well, I have the same symptoms, left leg and everything.. but I'm a college student without kids.
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Tell me your exact sensations......
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ive been getting random heat sensations in my left shin. just like a spot will feel hot for a couple of seconds and then disappear.  same symptoms. i wonder what it is as well.
i'm 21 and i don't have any kids.
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OMG, I just googled heat spots to find out what was going on with my leg. For about 2 weeks, several times a day, I feel heat starting to form on the outer side of my right leg.  But I have no rash and my skin does not feel hot to the touch.  Please someone help us figure out what is going on.
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Hi, I'm in my 60's and I also get hot spots in my legs, mostly my thigh muscles. A friend who does sports medicine told me it was caused by calcium input to the muscles and is a normal body reaction to active muscles. It just sometimes happens when your muscles don't need an input of calcium. He didn't tell me if there was any way to relieve the sensation or if it was problematical. But at least I have an idea why it happens.
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I am experiencing hot spots several times a day.  An area the size of the palm of my hand or smaller, suddenly feels hot, then it slowly cools. There is no change in color or appearance. Others can locate the spot by the heat. The hot spot is always on the front of my left leg. The last few days it has been just to the left of the shin.

I am 68, active, healthy, Hot spots come while I am sitting in a car, while walking briskly, while lying in bed and so on.

Loney, thanks for your input. I hope this is that simple. At nearly 69 years old, little things may announce something lurking for me.  

Margaret in Texas
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I just started getting this heat sensation/spot on the back of my right thigh....to be honest  the first time i had to check to make sure i did not pee myself for that was how hot it feels....it comes randomly through out the day and really doesn't fully go away....what is causing this?  does anyone know?
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i am 29 and really not all that active....
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I am 22 years old and I am currently pregnant. I have had these hot spots since I was 10. I never really cared to look into it becuase I felt that it caused me no harm. I just reciently decided that I need to check into it, to make sure that it will not affect my unborn son. I have gone to two different doctors and both ran many tests. I have had heart monitors strapped to me, blood drawn, and blood circulation checked (just to name a few things). Each doctor has come up with nothing. But both gave me a simular answer. Even though nothing is coming up in there basic exams, they think that it is poor blood circuation. It causes my legs to slowly fade in color and bright red hot spots appear. They say that the blood is building in spots under the skin causing it to suddenly get hot. So even though I have no real answers yet and just guesses from primary doctors, it nice to know that everything came back ok. They are sending me to a blood circulation specialist as well as a heart specialist. They want to make sure that I dont have blood colts and that they aren't flowing into my heart.
If you have pale/blue legs with hot/red spots then I would go and have it checked out just to be safe.
Good Luck
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just curious do you happen to take any diet pills?  I am a male who reciently started taking fat burning pills.  Everyday I take the pills I get a hot patch much as you all explained.  I too thought I peed myself. weird!  I am kind of thinking its from something in these pills.  Maybe there is a relationship between the pills and that calcium one of you were talking about.  Well I just thought I,d throw it out there.
Good luck!
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