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Help! What is wrong with the inside of my nose?

I suffer from allergies badly and I do take an OTC medication.It was my previous PCP who recommended it a few years back and it helps. Yea! The one problem I have that nothing helps is inside my nose. I've tried nasal steroid sprays to OTC sprays. Nothing, so far, has helped. It all started about 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. I had found a very tiny, hard scab inside my left nostril. I am not sure how I found it, I must have been digging around in my nose? So, I feel it and pick at it. It hurts. So, I ignore it. Well, thanks to my OCD I couldn't get it off my mind. I also suffer from anxiety and tend to pick at stuff on my body, my nails, cuticles, eczema on my scalp. I found myself picking at that scab. I was being gentle because it was tender, and wow was it tiny. Like the size of dot from a pen, if that makes sense? I broke the scab and wow did it bleed. Never experienced so much blood from my nose or from a tiny scab.It stopped, went away and honestly I forgot about it. Time went by and it may have been 6 months or even a year. Sure enough it was back. This time I ignored it and was good about it. A few years later started the dryness in the same area as that scab. That is when my MD started me on a nasal spray. I used that for maybe a month but didn't see much relief from that original area. It must have have been 7 years ago when the dryness got so bad that a new scab formed. This time it was flat and round. I started the picking at it and to this day it is still there, a bit rounder in size and even in my other nostril, in the same general area. It now bleeds when I remove the scab and then clot immediately. The blood drains down into my throat and I will cough out blood. I just don't know how to control the need to remove the scabs. I know it's my OCD that makes me pick at it. That and my anxiety. I also know what I am doing is bad for myself. I can go a day or 2 ignoring it but then I don't even realize it and I am pulling out a scab. I have tried to not give in and have found that 4 - 5 days later the scab will get big and hard and sharp. I find myself blowing my nose with a tissue or cleaning my nostril and when I hit it, it knocks out. Sure enough later that night the scab is back. Right now I don't have health insurance but have looked online numerous times as to what this may be. One thing I notice, after I remove the scab, it feels so much better. The whole thing is so weird. I read online at one time it may be nasal eczema. I don't know if that is it for sure, but that matched my symptoms the best. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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New Rule:  You can only go in there with a cotton swab with something soothing on it.  You can put Vaseline or clear 100% aloe vera on it.  No hard rubbing - just soft.  
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I would suggest you make a rule that you can only go in there with a cotton swab with something on it.  You can use Vaseline or clear 100% aloe vera.  
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Okay I will do that. Thank you for replying. I have not gone in there since yesterday and it is all dried out and bothering me like crazy. Will do the Vaseline now. Thank you.
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