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Hives and Swelling Around Joints

My 17 year old son suddenly has developed random swelling and sometimes hives around or beside his joints.  This happens randomly and could be his elbow, thumb, knee and even pelvis around the hips joints.  We took him to a doctor and he did blood tests and said he was allergic to mold.  Well we live in a dry climate and in a brand new house so I'm ruling out mold.  The mold he eluded to was alternarius tenius (sorry spelling may be off).

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi I am not allergic to mold but i am not aloud to even go near it because if i do then my lungs act up but i have seen things that purify the air also im not sure what type of mold grows over showers but i would bleach the roof right above showers and bathtubs also if its really bad i would get an inspector just to see where the mold is I had many lung problems when i lived in my old house because of mold i moved and now i am much, much better so if worst comes to worst you can always move im sorry if this doesnt help and please excuse my spelling.
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Thanks Kaitlyn for your post.  Glad you are feeling better.  I don't have mold in my house.  I live in a dry area and our house is brand new.  We've been here for over a year.  I wondering my son's symptoms are something dealing with the food he eats.  I can't get him to eat properly so he lives on crap foods(processed) and junk food.  
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

If there is a positive reaction to allergen testing, then it could be a trigger. He could be exposed elsewhere, besides the house. It could also be due to food allergy. Keep a diary and monitor his symptoms, this will help to narrow down the search and avoid the same.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Thank you Dr. Anitha for your response.  We have thought of him being exposed to something outside of the home.  He is either home or at school and this started before he started school.  We have finally been to a doctor who knew what he was talking about.  He  said to take 1 Reactin for 1 month and if it still happens then he will do the allergy tests.  After two days, the hives have disappeared and have not returned.  Thanks goodness as some of these were 3" in length.  I've never seen hives to big.  I've also asked that my son keep a diary of what he eats so we can find commonalities.

Again, thanks for your response. Much appreciated.
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