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Hives before and during menstrual cycle?

I was on the Depo shot back in 2013, I stopped taking the shot because I started getting really sick a few days after getting it. Then about 3 months after my last shot, I got pregnant. This is when the hives started, they ranged in size from a penny to almost a half dollar, and only targeted my upper body, never my legs or lower half. My OBGYN told me it was related to the pregnancy and not to worry about it. My child was stillborn at 32 weeks for unknown reasons, and the hives continued even after, and always flare up 3 times worse around my cycle. Then after my second child, it got really bad. They were on my back and would swell up to be almost 5 inches in diameter. I have changed my diet, my bedding, my bed, had my whole house exterminated just in case, switched to all dye/perfume free hair products, skin products, detergent etc. I had my thyroid, liver, kidney's, and allergies tested and it all came back normal. My doctor can't seem to figure this out. Now about 2 days before my period I flare up all over my arms, chest, neck, face, and back, with no relief, and it lasts the duration of my period plus a few days. I also flare up when I am stressed out, or have an anxiety attack. All my doctor's are baffled, and I can't figure this out. Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to be thorough. Can anyone provide advice? Please and thank you.
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I should also mention, that these hives show up randomly all day at any given point in the day. I will wake up fine and then randomly I was itchy, only to look down and see the start of them on my arms and shoulders. My husband doesn't have any hives/rashes, and we do live with 4 cats and 1 dog but according to my allergy test I am not allergic to them.
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I'm surprised no one responded to this... Have you had any answers over the last year? I've been researching period related hives because I seem to be getting them a few days before my period and I can across Auto immune progesterone dermatitis. Your body thinks progesterone is foreign and attacks it...Your body produces a lot of progesterone during pregnancy and right before periods so that may explain the loss of your baby (I'm sorry you had to endure that, btw). An allergist can test to see if you have an allergic reaction to progesterone. If you haven't found relief, you may be surprised to know that Zantac (a stomach acid med) works wonders as an antihistamine. My hives went away an hr after taking that with Zyrtec. I hope you found some answers since last year...Best of luck.
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