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Hormone Allergy

From the age of 18, I have suffered from uncontrolled asthma and severe nasal allergies. I have had extensive testing that proved inconclusive. I also suffer from severe dryness, cracking of the skin (confined to the palms of my hands, soles of my feet one elbow... anywhere a callous has formed). Basically, it looks like an allergic reaction. I get periodic bouts of hive and itchiness, like it is in my veins. I have also broken out in hives like large polka-dots over my skin. Recommended medical treatments are have been largely unsuccessful in the control of my issues, other than treating the symptoms. Oral steroids (prednisone) are the most effective treatment, and it cures almost all of my symptoms, but the relief is short lived as I taper off the dosage.
Over the past two to three years symptoms also include severe migraine headaches, joint pain, and sleep disorders. Now I am 44 years old. In an effort to try and document a pattern, I recently clued into an increase of some symptoms just prior to or at the beginning of my period. (Stress definitely aggravates my conditions) I confronted my gyno, but basically got a response that it was a coincidence, and it had nothing to do with hormones. Could I be allergic to my own hormones? If so, how do I medically pursue a resolution. What kind of doctor and what kind of testing is best to determine if this is the case?
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This could be a case of steroid-dependant asthma rather than hormone allergies.

Have you seen a chest specialist as yet? Hasa lung function testing been done?

Are you on steroid inhalers, steroid nasal sprays and oral antihistamine medications?

Let us know what your chest specialist advises and post us if you have any other doubts.

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I have had similar symptoms.  When I had my 2end child they got worse. I started having anaphalatic reactions.  I finally went to an immunologist and allergy specialist and he knew right off the bat that im allergic to my own hormones.  Progesterone being the worst.  But there's nothing they can due but treat the symptoms.  Benadryl works best and I carry a double epi pen.
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