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Horrible Sinus Pressure, Pain, Dizziness, Vision Problems

Hi Everyone. This is my first post. I started having problems about 5 years ago. It was occasional problems such as mild sinus pain/pressure and headache with mild eye strain. Each year it has gotten worse. Over the course of the past 5 years I have seen multiple doctors across different specialites: Ears, Nose & Throat, Neurologist, Allergist, and my Intern. I have had MRI's and CT scans. This year has been the worst so far. I have already gotten 2 sinus infections. In February of this year I got a CT scan and the ENT doctor said I have a severe deviated septum with chronic sinusitis. I was treated for a sinus infection and that was it. I still felt bad so I went to a neurologist. He wrote it off as a vestibular problem. I did vestibular therapy for 2 months with almost no relief. In May when allergy season started, everything got worse. I have had nonstop sinus pressure/pain, headache, dizziness, major eye strain, my face is sore, my teeth are sore. At the beginning of July I went to an allergist. He said I was allergic to 3 types of trees, 4 grasses, dust, molds and very mild allergy to cats. He put me on Rhinocort. NO results. Then I went back to him after already dumping over $200 in co-pays and medication and he said I have a sinus infection. I just finished the antibiotics and I still feel the same as I did when I first went to him in July. He had me on amoxicillin plus Astelin. I have tried Nasacort, Zyrtec, Claritin, Alavert, etc.... no relief. I am a computer programmer and I can't function like this anymore. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks.
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Did your ENT recommend surgery for the severe deviated septum? I had sinus surgery in 2003 and only have had 2 sinus infections since. You may want to talk to your physician about septoplasty surgery and ask him if that would help. Also, before I had the surgery I used J's Nose Drops (available online) and that got rid of all of my sinus infections. There is also another product called "Bi Yan Pian" that works. It is also available online and very cheap. It is an herbal remedy so please talk to your physician before you use it and if you order it, take a small piece to make sure you aren't allergic to it (just in case). Both of these products got rid of all of my sinus infections before the surgery.

Good Luck !

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Thank you very much for your response. I will definitely bring it up to my ENT when I see him. This is definitely a step in the right direction.
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You are very welcome... hope your symptoms are relieved. I know how horrible it is... been there and done that !
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Was wondering how you are making out i have the same exact symtoms for over 4 years i just had X-rays of my sinus they found systs in my sinus i am goint to see another ent that is a specialist in this field to see what they are going to do.
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I went back to the ENT to talk about the deviated septum. He said that my deviation is actually touching the turbinates on the right side of my nose. He then processed to push the blame on my allergist and then prescribed me Singular. I told him that I was not going to drop another $40 on medication that he was guessing that will help me. He gave me a 24 day supply but said that it might take over a month's worth of the medicine for it to "Kick In". So even with the sample packs, I still would have had to fill the prescription. So, long story short, I did not take the Singular.

I know have an appointment with the head ENT doctor at the hospital in my area, next week. I'll put up another post after I see him. Thanks for all your advice and concerns.

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I read your story with interest. As a child I suffered from chronic ear infections and underwent 4 surgeries. As an adult, I've suffered from chronic sinusitis for several years. In 2004 I had my right maxillary sinus cleaned out only after I insisted. I am an RN and yes my x-rays were "fine" but my symptoms were not. I had severe pain and pressure into my teeth along with mild dizzyness, and severe post-nasal drip. After that surgery, the pain in my right maxillary was eliminated...But lo and behold, I realized that between my eyes was still extremely blocked and gave me great pain in that area. (luckily I was born with undeveloped frontal sinuses so I never have headaches above my eyes). I was also continuing to get terrible sinus infections---at leat 8-10 (no joke) and treated with every antibiotic under the sun. I also went through allergy testing etc....but it didn't address any of my issues. I wanted a sinus culture but was told it wasn't necessary....Unfortunately my big mouth failed me at that time. I then went to a more progressive ENT in 2005 who did an ethmoidectomy (removed the sinuses from between my eyes)and I really thought my problems were over. My pain and pressure were completely gone and I felt great. Until.....the beginning of the year I started having sinus infection problems with dizzyness and feeling totally lousey. A week and a half ago I was on my 3rd sinus infection when I finally went to a friend who is a Nurse Practitioner and had her culture my sinuses. I was either crazy and nothing would grow, or I would be vindicated. I just got my results Monday and guess what? I have a bacteria called Serratia growing in my sinuses. It is a type of bacteria normally not supposed to be in the sinuses and is what is termed a nosocomial infection, meaning hospital acquired. It is very resistant to all the conventional antibiotics that are generally ordered for sinusitis. No wonder I've never gotten better despite surgery. I am on cipro right now which is definitely not an antibiotic prescribed for sinusitis, and dealing with some wicked dizzyness. I am hopeful that this will work and you can be assured that I will get a repeat culture after the completion of my course of antibiotics. If the infection is not completely gone, I might need IV antibiotics....I also read that Serratia-caused meningitis is 80% fatal in most cases. Can you imagine if for some reason my infection spread to my brain? Believe me this happens as I've treated a couple patients in ICU with meningitis caused by chronic sinus infections. Anyone interested in this bacteria can look it up and learn a great deal about it. I guess the reason why I am writing this is to try a sinus culture if you haven't already, to see if there is something growing there that is not treatable by standard means. You might have to be forceful about it especially with ENT's b/c they certaintly don't want to find out that a patient has an infection that they most likely got during surgery. I also am waiting on a fungal culture which takes 28 days so hopefully I don't have any fungus growing in there. I am definitely going to make sure that both ENT's are notified of the results so they can be a little more proactive in dealing with pt's with chronic sinusitis not responsive to traditional treatment. Please let me know if this pans out for you...It has certainly given me hope that I can finally have some peace from my chronic sinus infections.....
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