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Horse and cat allergy

Hi everyone!

When I was around 5 I started having very close contact to cats and horses. I stopped treating with horses when I was like 14 and probably cats as well...Now I'm 23 and I'm allergic to both of them after not having had contact for a long time. This started 3 or 4 years ago, and I realle really wish I could overcome my allergy as I miss the contact with both creatures :)

I have a theory...maybe after a sudden stop of contact with them my body developed allergy,and that can be solved by getting in contact with them again. I have tried that several times (actually I see any of those and I cannot stand there without touching them) and I definitely has not worked. That is very frustrating and I am reluctant to take any meds, is there any other solution? Does my theory make any sense (probably not)?

Thanks so much in advance
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As for your theory, contact can make the allergy worse. And sometimes allergies disappear on their own. So who knows.... I got rid of my allergies through kinesiology. The method is related to Chinese medicine. No medication is involved, and unlike the procedure used by traditional allergists, the results are swift and permanent.
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There is something that is mentioned above that I certainly wish I'd known when dealing with his known allergy sources and deciding whether contact should be withdrawn totally. When my son stayed at a relatives with numerous dogs we weren't aware he was allergic to them at the time  . Because of the sudden onset of the severity off his cat dog allergy he stopped going to where he had the contact. You don't generally want to send your son where you know the resulting asthma attack could be fatal, 1 near fatal attack was 1 to close for me. What we didn't find out until later that could of been why he developed a colored latex allergy at around. I think he was maybe 5 yrs old he had his first attack which was severe and involved an ambulance and adrenalin being needed.
Has anyone else had this happen with an allergy , we are certain  he wasn't born with a latex  allergy so could be as simple as if system doesn't have access to an allergy source to help build the immune system leaving it open to attack and if the above post has merritt. Is a reason there are more allergys st
arting later in life.
Now this is where I have aso your opinion, can a colored latex as that can e so severe be something that is a result of his systems not building antibodies.
You see were explanation given to us by my sons paediatric consultant when we asked. How was it possible an allergy  especially as severe as his reaction to coloured latex go undetected until then.
Anyway hopefully that puts some more information that could be relevant to allergy sufferers,
Take care
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