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Houston Area Lower Allergen Zone?

I am considering moving back to Houston for a job opportunity. However, my husband has allergy issues at times in certain parts of the city. We currently live in the Dallas area. Some parts of Dallas he has problems in other parts of town don't bother him as much. Can anyone tell me what areas in the Greater Houston area are more allergen free? Thanks!
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Hello there,

I just read your comments. You say your husband has allergy issues in certain parts of Houston. What kinds of allergy issues does he have ?
Has your husband ever had allergy tests given by an allergist ?
Does your husband have asthma by any chance?  You ask if anyone can tell you what areas in the Greater Houston area are more allergen free.
I think it would depend on what your husband is allergic to. There is such a thing as environmental allergies like gas exhaust, pollen , dust. There are all kinds of things someone can be allergic to.  Even something like grass pollen.   Eve
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Thanks Eve. He is allergic to grass and weed pollens.
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You're welcome, txcy. I am also allergic to grass pollen actually my worst allergy according to an allergy test I had many years ago now, is June grass pollen. By weed pollens do you mean perhaps hay fever ?
When my allergies get really bad, I take a product called REACTON which is an over the counter anti allergy medication. Before your husband takes anything like this, I would suggest having him discuss this with his family doctor in case there are other medications he is taking which could be interfere with the REACTON.  I like REACTON because as far as I can see there are little is no side effects from this medication. I only take REACTON when my allergies become uncomfortable in my case for the month of June to get me over the worst of the grass pollen. Ragweed can be an issue for me but I just avoid areas where there is ragweed.
I wish you both well.   Eve
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