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I have a chronic sore throat and slight congestion, is there anything I can do?

I'm not sure if anything can be done at this point, but I figure I should ask. This has been so constant that I almost forget it's unusual. For as long as I can remember I almost always have some congestion, and usually at least a mild sore throat.

A year or so ago I finally went to an ENT, she said I had alergic rhinitis and prescribed fluticasone. 6 months later I went back because I still had constant congestion and usually a sore throat. I think the fluticasone made it a little bit better. Hard to tell. She gave me cetirizine (Zyrtec) in addition to the Fluticasone.

Together they help a little, but they also make me sleepy all the time, and I still have congestion all the time. I called and asked and she just said to also take phenlyeprine (sudaphed PE) and guaifenesin (Mucinex).

These help quite a bit, but they make me jittery and queasy, I have to pee really often, and I'm still sleepy from the other stuff, and I still have some congestion and sore throat.

So what do I do now? Did I just get really horrible genetics and there's nothing I can do? I don't really like taking like half a cup of pills every day, and the combined effects make it almost impossible to work out (the Mucinex makes workout related nausea happen way faster, and the other stuff makes me sleepy)

Maybe an ENT isn't the answer? She just keeps telling me to take more medicine, and from what I can tell only the sudafed and mucinex are having any effect.

Thanks for any help, I'm pretty much at a loss, and I feel like I'll never not feel sick.
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