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I have acute dermatitis need opinion

I woke up yesterday with itcy red blotches on my shins  and ankles on both legs. I have eczema and
thought it was that at first. I put Triamcinolone topical steroid on it.  But it got bigger. The next day it is swelling some. I iced it and put more
Steroid. I don't want to go in because of Corona virus.
Any suggestions? See photos on my home page.
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How are you now? Did you get seen?

Can any doctors do telemedicine? Maybe if you take some close up pics of your leg, they can help ID what that is.

It looks miserable. I hope it's feeling better by now. :(
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Hi Auntiejessi,
Yes it is doing a whole lot better. I have previous allergies to many topcials, and have eczema. I have had this kind of thing before and it was a lot worse than this. I was diagnosed with allergy to Clobetazol topical steroid last time. It was more swollen and starting to peel. The dermatologist said it was definitely dermatitis. He gave me a different steroid ointment and told me to rinse it with cool epsom salts. It worked. This time I couldn't figure out if I rubbed a plant or if it was from me putting my shin on a cement bench with a towel and doing an exercise. I think it could be the latter but there was no break in the skin, no fever, no pain. Just itchy and sore and swollen. So I iced it and put a different topical steroid on it 3 times a day and it went down daily.  I am a microbiologist so I kind of knew it wasn't an infection. I have pictures on my home page. I will maybe repost after it takes a better photo so you can see it is better. Thanks for responding.
I posted a photo called day 7 that shows the rash is almost gone.
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