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I have the worst eye allergies, Please Help!

What else can I do?
I moved to Louisiana in the USA and I got terrible eye allergies, Very Very Puffy, itchy, Red eyes for days, I can varely open my eyes sometimes.
I already got the vaccine shots "all of them" "for months", I tried Pataday, Optivar, Vigamox, Astropo, Veramyst, Zyrtec, Benadryl, Naphcon A, all together! by doctor prescription, and my allergies are worst than ever.

I did the tea bags, the ice spoons on my eyes, everything at home is against allergens.
I have no idea of what else I can do, I'm 29 years old and my eyes look like a 50 years old, Its making my life miserable.
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Will your doctor let you go off all of the eyedrops and try preservative free o-t-c onesfor lubrication purposes??

I'd maybe see an Opthamologist and see what they say, too?  Is it possible you've developed an allergy to one of the ingredients in your eye drops??????


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I use Visine Allergy eye drops--they work better than the drops from the eye doctor.
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ChitChatNine, thanks for ur help!.
I went to an Opthamologist, he gave me some gel that just took the itching away but not the puffy eyes, he finally sent me to the allergist.

is that o-t-c something I can get from the counter without prescription? Honestly I don't even want to go back to the allergist, I can't affort 1 appointment a week and expensive medicine that is not working at all.  
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KeyD, I saww a commercial of Visine on tv, I'll try it too.
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I have probably the worst grass allergies of anyone I know and I come from a family of people with allergies.  I don't have a solution for you but I do need to say DON'T use Visine allergy eye relief or any of those cheap, crappy OTC eye drops.  I actually had an allergic reaction to Visine and my sclera (the whites of my eye) puffed up so bad, they looked like balloons that you could pop with a pin.  When I was tested, the allergy doctor had to pull me out of the testing room and give me a shot of epinephrine because I was having such a sever reaction.  I also got 2.5 years of shots, one in each arm, every week and it did NOTHING.  The only relief I get is when winter returns.  If I rinse my eyes out with cold water and apply a cold rag compress, it gives some relief.  That's not so awesome when you wear makeup.  I'm waiting for the day that someone finally finds a cure for seasonal allergies.  When you don't suffer from them, you have no idea how horrible it is.  I just saw on the news, there is a new grass allergy pill, but I researched it and it is only 17-30% effective and it works the same as the shots.  In other words, for me, it won't work at all.  Good luck and I hope you find a "solution" (excuse the pun).  Please post it if you do.  I just spent $200 on Patadine and I'm worried it won't work.  Obamacare doesn't cover it.  Apparently, anaphylactic shock isn't considered serious enough to cover.
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