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I might have an allergy to my hair or scalp

I might have an allergy to my hair or scalp...really don't know. When I shampoo in the shower, its all good but once I dry my hair up with a towel and maybe a few seconds after water starts to drip from my scalp around my ears, neck and all over my forehead because I'm an afro, It starts to itch so bad. Could this be an allergy? What do I do? I get wounds probably from scratching my itch
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So, I wonder if you have dry scalp/skin?  I get this.  I get my hair colored.  When I do sometimes, it can really REALLY itch and it's almost always in the dead of winter when we have our furnace on.  I don't see anything on my scalp.  It's not flaking or anything but man oh man, it itches.  And it goes down my neck and on my ears.  Can you try a different shampoo?  Can you make your water a little cooler (hot water dries skin)?  Try NOT to scratch your scalp.  Because I was having this happened when I got my hair colored, I read a lot.  Scratching hair follicles a lot can cause injury to them. Literally that damage can result in hair loss.  Ugh.  So, I fight the urge.  I put different oils directly onto my scalp and I found a product called Scalpicin.  It's over the counter and is like hydrocotisone in liquid form for your scalp.  However, checking with your doctor wouldn't be a bad idea.  I also used dandruf and scalp shampoos even though I didn't have flaking.  If this persists, get checked by a dermatologist.  Let me know what happens.  I know that itching of the head can drive you nuts!!
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