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I think I may have angioedema?

Hello, I am a 19 year old female. Starting from when I was 18 (soon to be two years ago), I started breaking out in hives all over my body and my face would swell like crazy! And shortly after, my hands and fingers would start to itch and they'd swell too. Sometimes it only happened because I was too cold... other times because I was too hot... and then sometimes because there was a high pollen count, I was near dust... and my stupid (but lovable and adorable) cats would scratch the hell out of me. Now I've done my research but I can't afford a doctor. All I'm looking for is someone else to help verify my claims so maybe I can have my mom be a little more serious about saving up money. Is it more than likely that I have angioedema?
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Hi, welcome to the forum, it seems ore of urticaria but it can be associated with angioedema which is due to hypersensitivity reaction (type 1).  Get your IgE levels estimated.

Drugs like amoxicillin, ACE inhibitors, stress, excitement, cold exposure, prolonged sitting or standing, and ingestion of certain foods can cause such reaction. This sometimes can be a emergency condition because there will be associated laryngeal edema leading to breathing problems.

It usually involves three types of attack like-
The skin including lips (cutaneous attacks)
The gastrointestinal tract (abdominal attacks) and
The larynx (laryngeal attacks)

Adrenaline, anti-histaminics and corticosteroids are the standard mode of treatment which should be taken after consultation from physician without delay. Take care and regards.
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Thank you so much!
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