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Icthy, red bumps from creek

on July 8th, 2011 i went to a creek with 2 friends of mine.. we had been there before, but on this day we decided to go walking and climbing as well.. we were in our swimming attire and flip flops.. we walked through these plants that were a bit prickly and other plants that were about hip height.. after we walked through my 2 friend's legs and feet felt like they were on fire, but mine just felt like needles were prickling me and didn't bother me.. they had some knowledge that there was a plant that made you feel like that.. and one of my friends said that if you stay in the creek water awhile, the itching feeling would go away and it does... to this day, my 2 friends have nothing wrong with them, but i have red bumps on the side of my ankle and side of my knee were you bend your leg at... they aren't that very red, and at times can itch like crazy, so they are scabbed up from me scratching... i don't have any blisters or puss... and i've had some new bumps show up on my feet and legs and one on my arm... i have not done anything out of the ordinary of my routine except for going to that creek.. i think it has something to do with the plants... if someone can help me, please let me know anything
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How are you? It is indeed most likely that the symptoms you experienced was caused by the plant. However, try to avoid scratching to prevent secondary bacterial infection. Avoid taking any medication especially if you are in your 8th month of pregnancy. If the bumps persist, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evalaution. Direct clinical examiantion is important. Take care and do keep us posted.
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i'm also in the beginning of my 8th month of pregnancy
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