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IgE score

I went to a natural medicine doc and was diagnosed with multiple food allergies.  My IgE scores were in the .1 - .37 range.  This lab (Alletess) named those as class I and II allergies.  I have seen other scales that name anything less than .4 as class 0.  Why the discrepancy?  Is this lab just suspicious of an allergic reaction to a much lower IgE #?  Natural Doc says I must avoid these foods for the rest of my life.  I am willing to do that, but only if I have a legitimate allergy.  Can you help?
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Check the credentials of the doctor, expecially if the doctor has a lot of supplements and other things in their office to sell.  Many people who claim to be natural doctors are not doctors of anything.  Also, I would check the credentials of the lab that ran the test.  I have never seen IgE levels less than 1 so I have no idea what they are doing or talking about.

I have a friend that took their daughter to a natural doctor who said the kid was allergic to just about everything under the sun.  When they took her to my allergist, she was not allergic to anything.  The natural doctor was trying to sell their products.

I would receommend that you see a board certified allergist.  Allergists test by exposing the patient to a very small amount of possible allergens.  Treatment then consists of shots made up of the substances the patient tested positive for.  They are 100% natural and are designed to retrain the immune system to not think that allergens are harmful substances.

Good luck.

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Hi, welcome to the forum, the normal IgE levels fall below 100. Any level above 500 is higher and is suggestive of allergy or parasitic infection. You have not mentioned the units. The levels you have mentioned is inconclusive.

As bsml stated, you need to go for reassessment by an certified allergy specialist if the levels remain inconclusive. I suggest you to consult allergy specialist. Take care and regards.
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