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Ige = 1095 !

hi , this is Mihir 20 yrs , i am suffering from allergic sneezing and cough . every morning and late nights the problem becomes sever . i got my ige test and levels are high - 1095 kiu/i . also if eat specific food items i suffer from running nose and and sneezing . food items include - bananas , buttermilk, ice creams, citrus fruits  . the problem seems to be worsen with time . i took allegra as for antihistamine for a year or so  and for the time i take that evrything is okay but the i dont take it problem becomes sever . and i dont want take any medicine for a prolonged period . Now what shuld i do . How i treat my high ige levels ? Can i ever get rid of this    
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The high Ig E levels are due to your allergic reactions. Once the allergies subside, the levels will come down. You could be allergic to dairy products. Once an attack has occurred, the antihistamines like chlopheneramine, lovatidine are effective. Nasal decongestant drops too relieve congestion.
Using low dose steroidal nasal sprays, are very effective. The steroid in the spray is very low and acts only locally. Two puffs in each nostril two times a days for about a month. The effect starts only after 2weeks of therapy.
Alternatively an allergy specialist may try to identify the offending allergen and try to desensitize you.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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