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Infant facial rash

My daughter is 9 months old and has had a rash around her eyes and nose for about 2 months now. Her doctor diagnosed it as eczema, I've tried 2 different prescriptions but one of the presriptions actually made it worse and the other one doesn't seem to help much either. I also took her to a pediatric dermatologist who also said it was eczema and told me to use 1% hydrocortisone cream but that didn't work either. I'm starting to think it is some kind of allergy but I don't know what to do for it or whether I should take her to another doctor.
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many children have rashes on their face during the first year, and then after that they just go away.  t may take some time using the hydrocortisone cream before you actually see an improvment.  To answer the question about taking her to another doc, that is something you need to decide.  If you feel that the docs may not be right then you should find another.  Heres a story about when my 5 year old was about your daughters age.  My daughter was ill, and wasn't acting normal.  I took her to our peds doc and she said just to wait and see and it should go away.  I took her back two days later and said she needed to be on meds, and the doc said the same thing.  Well I switched docs and took her to the new doc.  My daughter had phnumonia in half her lung.  They put her in the hospital that day.  Remember that there isn't a doc on this earth that knows your child like you do, and if you feel that your not satisfied with what you have been told then go get another opinion.  You could always take her to see an allergy doc just to make sure he doesn't think its allergys.  Babys skin is very sensitve to most everything.  Just make sure that with the cream that you are suppose to put on her, that you are putting it on as what the doc perscribed and don't skip one, it can take awhile.
Another option that you might consider is an anti fungal cream, because my 2 year old daughter had some dry red skin around her nose, and the doc told me to put this on her and it went away.  Many people get this around the base of their nose in the crease.  Just remember talk to the doc before trying it.
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