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Irritating Allergies!

Lately I have been experiencing allergies like I never have before. Most people have allergies as kids, then grow out of them, however for me, it seems to be the opposite. I had little to no allergies that I recall and now.... EVERYTHING, or at least it seems. They keep getting worse and worse every year and I don't know what is next! Mostly, my eyelids will become very swollen, usually in the morning after sleeping. I'm thinking this is cosmetics related, but I'm not sure...I will also get really red and itchy eyes as well.... The newest and possibly most irritating of all is the deep inner ear itch that seems to randomly hit me. Last night it woke up up at 4am and sent me into tears the itching was so intense. I know it's a big no-no but I will have to use qtips on it because it is the only thing that can reach enough to ease the itching. The strange thing, however, is whenever my ear itches, so often does the corner of my lips and the side of my tongue... it's bizzare. Also I have had, what I am quite sure was, hay fever while in Asia for 3 weeks at the beginning of the summer...

I suppose my question would be is there any connection between these symptoms. Are they all caused by the same thing or are they different triggers... or is it even allergies! As of now, I just really want to know what I need to avoid for the time being. I can't seem to make a connection. I come from a family who does not go to doctors unless we are inches from a bright light so I need some inforamtion before we can get around to making an appointment (I am a 22 year old college student living at home btw).
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Hi, welcome to the forum, the puffiness around eyes in the early morning is a sign of renal disease. For which you need to undergo urine analysis, renal function tests and radio imaging of the kidneys to rule out the cause.

Otherwise it can be of allergic manifestations. A knowledge about aeroallergens present in your geographic location and the allergens in your home and work areas is essential in this process.  

There are many allergens present in your surroundings. Unless you stop further exposure or unless you take measures to minimize the exposure, medical therapy will be not enough.

Some measures which will be helpful to you are-
- Treatment of the outside of a house with pyrethroid (pyrithrin) chemicals prior to cold weather is one of the best measures.
- you need to close the windows of the car and home, stay indoors when possible, and use air conditioners and dehumidifiers to filter the air during times of peak symptoms. It will be particularly helpful, if you are allergic to mold or pollens.
- Showering before bed to remove allergens from hair and skin can help reduce contamination of the bedding.
- Water leaks at home should be fixed and swamp coolers should be cleaned periodically.

I hope this helped you. I suggest you to consult allergy specialist. Take care and regards.
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My family was the same. You can try some Benadryl (Diphenhydramine). It's a common over the counter Allergy medication. Sometimes Caladryl or a Calamine lotion can be applied for temporary relief of itching. If you get no relief then you may have to break down and see your family doctor.
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