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Is it allergy

I just had herbal tea (caffeine free)  Country Peach Passion, 100% natural teas Celestial seasonings, yesterday afternoon.  After couple of hour my hands, fingers, legs started itching.  this morning finger and hands started swelling little.  what should i do?.  why it happens?
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I have had the same issue ... there is something in the tea that does not agree with you . give it a cupple days and see or if it bothers you that much get it checked. mine went a way in a cupple days .
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It could be an allergy.  Many herbal teas contain chamomille which is very similar to ragweed.  If you have ragweed allergy, you could be cross reacting with the chamomille.

Feel better.
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many years ago my parents brought back some apple tea from Greece - no idea what was in it that i reacted to as the ingredients were in Greek!! my parents raved about the stuff so i had a cup with them before going out to meet friends - i did not even make it to the bus stop! i ended up sat on a wall struggling for breath and in pain outside a house 5 doors away from our house - i rang my mum on my mobile in a blind panic and she had to come and get me!! by the time she got to me i was vomiting and had the most violent stomach cramps!! i was a mess!! mum chucked the tea away!
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--The real answer (not medical as it is usually biased) is that it is an incorrect response by your immune system.
-- Why?  Well it seems that the most likely explanation is that, there's an Energy imbalance affecting how your  immune system responds.
--What to do?   Avoid the offending substance or clear the Energy imbalance. Then the immune system will respond normally again. And the allergies disappear like magic
--How?    Read my reply to mariyamary (Hand Allergy) for the procedure Dec.27.
That  procedure should work fast for treatment and/or relief of allergies, sensitivities and reactions.
Blessings to All
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