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Is there an Idonine-Free alternative to Barium??

In the 1970s my hubby was given some form of Iodine in  the hospital and his reaction was so severe that he awoke two Weeks later, having been in a coma!

Now, his doc wants him to have a catscan but he hadn't been clear that his allergy to Iodine wasn't mediocre and how severe it had been.

My question is above, is there a safe-for-him alternative to the Barium? Of course they suggested the routine protocol of giving him Benadryl and Prednisone but they were thinking his allergy was much less severe at the time.
thank you for an answer and any comments from anyone else is more than welcome, sincerely.
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I too want to know the same thing.  I had a CT-Scan a few years ago and nearly died due to the iodine.  It was horrifying!!  They were getting ready to airlift me to the nearest hospital from my dr.s appointment.  I could hear the staff asking other staff "Are we equipped for this emergency?"  What an unbelievable day!  I'd had my lips and mouth swell..MILDLY a couple times before when I had shellfish but I never put two and two together.  It went away fairly fast so I never thought alot about it.  Now I worry about having anything else done..I need to have another scan of some sort b/c I have gallstones..but this is always in the back of my mind.
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