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Is this allergy or anxiety. Hot flashes and fast heart beat.

Sometimes my stomach will cramp and bloat. I do have food allergy and try my best to avoid. It makes me start to burp and look like a balloon under gas pressure and usually get a light blotchy red rash covering my body.

But when gas pressure forces back up through my stomach (burping) I start to get really hot. It's either hot or not. Just turns on like a light switch. Sweating hot and if I don't find a way to cool my body my heart jumps in to fast and hard beating from over heating. If I can cool my body temp a little my heart returns to normal.

I tested this when it last happened. Each time I didn't cool my body my heart started to flip out. When I cooled my self again my heart returned to normal. Other allergies started coming out like asthma when my heart was beating fast. When I cooled my body heart got slow and allergies went down.

But I'm not sure if the hot flashes and heart response was allergy. Could it be a reaction response to extreme bloating? Or was being hot and fast heart beat all anxiety to feeling the pressure. Usually what will happen after that is vomiting if I can't get control of the gas pressure. So maybe anxiety to vomiting? I take anti-gas pills and take some food behind it to make a barrier to keep the gas down and it relieves the pressure after an hour. Once the pressure goes down I am not hot anymore. If not hot now fast heart beat.

I think of women having hot flashes. But I am a young man.

Does this hot flash and heart beat sound like?
Reaction to pressure

I'm completely lost on this one. I don't normally suffer from anxiety. Thank you for opinions.
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If not hot now fast heart beat
should be
If not hot NO fast heart beat in regards to stomach bloating.

Heart beat will only happen after a few minutes of over heating from my testing the other night.
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Men do have hot flashes too. They can get them if undergoing treatment for prostrate cancer using anti-testosterone therapy, using thermal blankets and from alcohol, hot liquids and other substances. If either estrogen and testosterone are withdrawn a rapid increase in skin temperature due to dilatation of the skin blood vessels can occur very frequently. While these hormones protect from frequent hot flashes, many other events and ingested substances can also cause the skin vessels to rapidly dilate and release heat. Alcohol, other food additives and just eating a large meal itself can cause hot flashes. Many prescription drugs such as anti-hypertensives and mood altering drugs such as anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications can also cause hot flashes.
Try to avoid individual triggers (such as strong emotions, caffeine, alcohol, cayenne, occlusive clothing, in your case- heat); Use fans to cool you down and wear clothing made of natural and light materials such as cotton. Practice deep, slow abdominal breathing, in conjunction with onset of hot flashes. And exercise or walk, swim, dance or bicycle every day for more than 30 minutes but not within 3 hours of bedtime. Increased heart beat, on the other hand, can be due to a lot of causes. This may be due to caffeine, anxiety, lack of sleep, among others.  A consult with your doctor for some tests may eliminate other pathologies such as cardio or hyperthyroidism.

Take care and keep us posted.
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I definitely get a hot flash and palpitations when I eat dairy products. If I have dairy at dinner time, I will awaken about 2 in the morning with all-over tingling, pounding heart, sudden hot feeling, and a stuffed nose. Nowhere have I seen these listed as allergy symptoms, but it is very clear in my case. Hope this helps.
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I too have had hot flash insomnia related to diet. When in my thirties I realized that tomato sauce based foods would cause me to heat and wake between 2 and 4 in the morning. It would take 2 to 4 hours for the symptoms to pass. I also found inconsistency in that it did not happen every time. At first it seemed to be only tomato sauce from a can. Jarred sauce did not cause the reaction. But as I have aged, it seems the reaction has evolved. I can only guess that how it is prepared and combined with can effect how my body responds. Now in my fifties, I expect the reaction and am pleased when it does not occur. It can be worse during certain seasons as I react to cedar pollen and try not to tax my body with two issues at the same time. I love hot sauce and salsa. Some create a problem and others don't. Pizza and spaghetti cause my issue where chili never does; go figure. The more I pay attention and learn, it becomes my own game of investigative exploration. If I ever find what neutralizes the tomatoes impact, I will duplicate as often as possible. Only recently has a fresh tomato caused my hot flash. Not all tomatoes do. Why? Is it acidity? Could it be how long the tomato is cooked? Good luck on your personal quest. I have also found that a steady intake of flax seed oil has greatly improved my immune system.. This takes months to maximize but has eliminated my need for doctors and pharmaceuticals.

I found that the garlic and onions in spaghetti is a trigger, I found a name brand sauce that is listed as "sensitive recipe" I've not had problems eating spaghetti since.
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