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Itchy Skin and Rashes Occur when scratched

My skin is itchy. When I scratch it small, raised rashes appear.  It is especially itcy on my arms.  I went to a dermatologist. Gave me FHA cream to put all over my body. SA ointment for the affected area. I talke lorange (loratadine) in the morning and Itherax at night.  But it is still the same.
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Hi, welcome to the forum. Pressure Urticaria presents as erythematous swelling of the skin that develops after pressure has been applied to the area. It can be diagnosed by dermatographometers, if available (almost absolete).

You need to avoid such activities which will trigger the event like  wearing tight clothing (affecting areas of constriction), sitting for prolonged periods of time on a hard surface (affecting the buttocks), an extended period of walking (affecting the soles and feet), or carrying heavy bags of groceries (affecting the palms and hands). Even a small scrtch can elicit such responses.

Anti-histaminic and/or Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist (may be added if not controlled by antihistamines) will help to relieve the symptoms. You can go for the long term therapy; side effects will not be matter of concern except for mild sedation and sometimes headache. I suggest you to consult a dermatologist for more info. Take care and regards.
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I think I have the same thing, but mine only occurs after I scratch it. I will have a minor itch,scratch it, then that's when it turns into a rash. Than that's when it starts to really itch. I used to thing it was something on my nails but even when I had someone else scratch my back the rash still occurred. Do you think I still have Pressure Urticaria?
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