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Itchy rash for 3 weeks

For the past 3 weeks I've had a very itchy rash that started on my left arm, then spread to the tops of my legs and right arm.  I have a few on my stomach and on my back.

I went to my doctor the first time and he gave me a cortisteroid cream and told me to take benydryl.  He said that if it didn't get better in 10 days to come back to him and perhaps it could be scabies.  Although, looked at my finger webs and asked if it was between my toes, etc.  

I waited 6 days and went back as the itching is unbearable.  He gave me another cream, a prescription for an antihistamine and told me to get NIX and treat myself in case.  

Truly, he doesn't know what it is.  I went to the pharmacy and had a talk with the pharmacist who looked at my hands and said it does not look like scabies.

Because he put that thought in my head, I went to another doctor.  He said it looks more like an ezcema rash.  

I've explained to both doctors a few things.  For the last two prior February's I gained a cough that didn't stop for 3 months.  Last year I had the cough and a little patch on my forearm that would get bumps and itch. (Doctor presumed last year that it was asthma/allergies and that little patch was eczema.) This February I gained an itchy rash all over my arms and legs.   This second doctor says he gets eczema every year the end of February.  Says it could be the pollen.

Also, just before getting the rash, I used a soap that was in a gift my neighbor gave me.  100 g Savon.  I used it twice and then this rash started.  Also, I realized I was using double the amount of Sunlight ultra concentrate in our laundry.  Started doing that about the time the rash started.

However, because my normal doctor doesn't know what it is and says possible scabies, it bothers me so much.  My mind keeps going back to that.

The rash is starting to subside but still quite itchy in areas.  It is not in the classic areas that scabies are.

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