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My name is Kate i am 22 and I'm having some trouble.

      About 1 month ago I got my Gulbladder out. in the hospital for a week all that.. last wend my upper lip swelled, i took a benadryl and went to bed thursday morning i was fine went to work (animal hospital) im a vet tech, I worked at night till around 9 and on my way home my tonuge swelled just one side boy did it hurt it also scared me alittle because my throat hurt it was hard to swollow, i went home and took 2 benadryl went to bed early and the next morning it was gone. friday night, I went to work in the morning for about 2 hours and then left for a trip to new york city to see a concert. during the concert my bottom lip swelled and i got bad stomach pains, went to the hotel and took 2 nitequills the next morning my stomach still hurt but my lip was down. walked around new york for alittle and went home saturday night i had the same stomach pains but they were 10 times worse and in the same spot before my surgery, i took a percocet which put me to sleep. sun there was still pain but not bad, stayed home and did nothing. mon i actually felt ok went to work and was fine left around 3 and i had a Dr appt to tell them everything that was going on. while there my dr saw that my ringworm that i had about 2 months ago is back and in the same spot, also she said that the swelling of my lips, she has no idea what it could be, she thinks its an allergic reaction, I told her there is nothing new im takind nothing new im using i can't figure it out. she suggested that i try using clariton during the day and to see how that helps she also told me that the pain might be from a gulstone they missed in my bile duct she wanted to take bloodwork to see how that looked. i am on effexor for depression and thyroxin for my thyroid. she said everything was fine, but in about a month she was going to recheck my bloodwork becasue my iron was alittle low and i might need iron pills. thats all fine but tuesday i got home from work and again tounge swelling and now hives yayyaya right.. no so more benadryl and off to bed. by wend i have had about enough i get the lip swelling and the hives i take 3 benadryl in the morning and lay in bed i call the Dr they have no idea what it is and dont know what to tell me. then by dinner time i get hit with the shakes and a fever of 101.5 also i have alot of pain in my feet hands and now my eye lids they're just tender when i touch them it hurts. and i seem very week my whole body hurts. while this is going on for about 3 hours i also loose my voise. around 10:30 my temp seems normal i actually get hot. and i get hives and alittle swelling in my lips. i try to sleep it off but i am soo itchy. i keep waking up. finally this morning i have hives and lip swelling no work yesturday or today and i just to 2 allergy/cold pills.. also i have had diarrhea since tuesday.. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS I NEED HELP!!! PLEASE!!!  
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You are having severe allergic reaction. The cause of this needs to be found out.

The symptoms you describe are of severe allergic reaction and you need to get the opinion of an allergy specialist at the earliest.

These symptoms are not to be ignored and could even cause breathing difficulty.

You mention you are a vet. Could you be having allergy to any of the animals you are treating or to anything at work?

This is important - find out the cause - whether at home or your work place , so that it can be avoided.

Let us know what the allergy specialist has advised.

Do keep us posted on how you are doing.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.
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