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Lactose in Medication

How likely does everyone think that someone could have an allergic reaction to the lactose in medications (mainly asthma inhalers like advair and symbicort) and only have mild symptoms when eating lactose?

I am in the middle of a bad asthma flare-up with no other triggers known and it has been getting worse the last couple of months.  I am currently maxed out on symbicort (800mcg daily) and still increasing ventolin dosage from typical 3-4 times a week for the last couple of months to 4-6 puffs a day the last week.  I did start a 5 day burst of pred today which hasn't helped at all so far after the first pill.  

I'm on maintance allergy shots for dust mites and cats and no other allergens reacted during the allergy testing (even dust mites was mild).  I have been having trouble eating dairy products because they seem to either increase muscous production in my lungs that I'm coughing up or giving me acid reflux.  

How likely is it the lactose in the symbicort that is causing the increase asthma problems?  Thanks.
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