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Lip Product Allergies

I'm 18 and have never been allergic to anything in my life. I've always put on Vaseline or Coco butter at night before I go to bed to avoid chapped lips and in the morning when getting ready, I've always used colored lip stains under coco butter to keep my lips soft with a pop of color. Late last July my lips began to develop a black spot on the edge of my mouth where I applied the lip stain the most. It went on like this into August and become severely dry and sometimes even burned. I'd try to use the lip stain to cover it but eventually my whole lip turned black all together and began to look like I smoked, which I don't. I soon realized the cause was the lip stain and threw it away and it seemed to get completely better. I decided to just use the coco butter for a while and then decided I could possibly use a lip-gloss from Mac under it. My lips had gone back to being severely dry and develop the spots again. I stopped using both the coco butter and lip-gloss and used just Vaseline and my lips got worse! I tried Shea butter,and EOS chap-stick and nothing has worked. I've also developed a lip-licking habit which is the only way to keep my lips from chapping for at least 3 seconds but it goes back to the way it was of course. I know I'm allergic to an ingredient in the lip-glosses but I don't know what to do about my chapped lips.
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Hi Burtbrandx,

May I suggest two specialists to see if possible. One would be an allergist
to determine what things you're allergic to. The other specialist you might
consider seeing is a dermatologist. Where I live, you have to get a referral
for either of these specialists from your family doctor. Once you know what
you're allergic to, a dermatologist would hopefully be able to tell you what
the problem is.  Till then try not to lick your lips and drink lots of water.
You may be dehydrated if you have constant dry lips.
There is a whole line of products called " Burt's Bees". They make a honey
lip balm which also has vitamin E and it's 100% natural and they last for
a long time. I used to use Vaseline tubes for my lips but since discovering
Burt's Bees that's all I use. I keep one in my purse and I keep one on
the nightstand. It's a terrific product. I highly recommend " Burt's Bees
honey lip balm. What I like is that it is 100% natural. I would still try and
see an allergist and a dermatologist if possible. Good luck to you. Eve

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