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I have been looking all over the internet for home based remedies for Eczematous Cheilitis or is what I think it is.

I have really bad chapped lips and sometimes i can't open my mouth because it is so dry there is also a redness around the lips which is also dry and flaky and sometime itchy.

By putting water on it lets me open my mouth fully but the starts to dry up again i don't use lip balm becase it give me a horrible burning sensation.

Please please help me what should I do!!

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I have never heard of this but this recently caught my eye because my mother-in-law has been having a similar issue.  Is there any food allergy that you have that you are aware of that might be triggering this?

I was reading this in pubmed that might provide some insight:


Keep us posted.
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One possible cause is your toothpaste.  You could try switching to baking soda for a few days and see if it improves.  If you used a hydrocortisone cream on your face a while ago, you could be having it from that.  
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Very good mention about toothpaste.  Being pregnant right now toothpaste is really bothering me every time I have to brush my teeth, I get severe heartburn.  So I looked this up and heartburn is association with fluoride.  So changing to baking soda for a few days is a good suggestion... unless you can find a place locally that sells Tom's of Maine Flouride Free toothpaste and you can try that.
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go to vitamin store, buy VITAMIN E OIL, keep it in your shirt pocket with plenty of alcohol wipes for your fingers and put it on your lips as needed ; even if that is 300 times a day
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Definitely keep us updated on what works, you got me curious now :D
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Interesting about the toothpaste ... did I read that some even contain milk products a long time ago (undeclared) I think ?

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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Symptoms of eczema are triggered by allergens. People who suffer from this disorder should avoid contact with triggering factors like soaps, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, and detergents. Sometimes sweat, changes in temperature and psychological stress are known to trigger these episodes. So, Allergy testing would be worth looking into. And treatment is with cortisone based creams, which need to be very potent and of increased strength to heal the lesions.  Always wear protective clothing while going outside, as cold increases drying. Don't wash your face anymore than necessary and use very mild soaps. Apply constantly plenty of good moisturizing creams and alternate with steroid creams. Use a humidifier in the rooms to avoid dryness.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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I never heard the milk product aspect in toothpaste but that is certainly something to look into.

Very interesting Paderla how eczema can be triggered by allergens.  I always think hives when I think of allergies but reactions go beyond that.
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