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Little bumps on face!!!

Hi, so for the past five days I've woken up with more and more little bumps spread all throughout my face. It's not acne, and this has never happened to me before. I'm not sure if it's an allergic reaction to something, but everything that I use, I've used for a while in the past as well. I feel like each morning when I wake up more and more bumps are on my face and it seems like there's millions! It started on my forehead and now it's working its way down to my neck. I use Dove Sensitive body wash to wash my face and have for years. As well as Aveeno Clear Complexion face lotion. But like I stated earlier, I've used all the products for a while, nothing is new that would cause something that I haven't noticed before. Please help!! I've attached a photo of part of my forehead. It's not the best picture but it'll give you an idea.
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Hello Keeshhaak,

Welcome to the allergy forum. I see you recently became a member of Med help. I have looked at your attached photo. I see the bumps you mentioned. Yes, there are lots of them. You say this is a photograph of your forehead. Personally, I wouldn't use a body wash to wash my face.
Dove is a good product. I use Dove soap for sensitive skin myself, but using Dove body wash for sensitive skin for your face , I think, is not advisable.  The skin of your face has a different make up than the skin
of your body.  The skin of ones face is much more sensitive. Even though you have been using this product for years to wash your face, sometimes the skin on your face might become sensitive to it. I would try using a milder soap on your face. Possible choices are goat milk soap which is quite mild and has a nice smell. Body wash used as a facial cleaner might be too harsh for your face and that is why you are getting the little bumps.
I will share a quick story with you. A long time ago when I was still taking vacations with my family, we had to stop overnight in a motel. The only soap available to wash my face was Ivory soap. Now, when I travel, I bring my own soap. Anyway, the next morning, after washing with Ivory soap which is supposed to be very mild and gentle, my whole face was completely covered in small bumps. This was definitely an allergic reaction to the Ivory soap. Funny thing is, I can use Ivory soap to wash my hands and not get bumps. Anyway, try using a different more gentle and milder soap on your face. Neutrogena is also a good soap for sensitive skin.
The bumps may go away. Does Aveeno make a facial soap ? I am not familiar with the Aveeno line. That might be an option too as you say you use Aveeno Clear Complexion face lotion. If the bumps remain on your face, you could ask your family doctor to give you a referral to a dermatologist .  I wish you well.  Eve
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Go for further testing as there can be rare genetic conditions.
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