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Lump in throat after anaphylaxis?


I had a mild anaphalatic response after eating a protein bar with coconut, almond and peanuts. My throat tightened and my lips burned. I could breathe and swallow so I didn't go to the ER but Urgent Care. They gave me a prednisone pack but I started feeling better so I've just been taking Benadryl to avoid all the steroid side effects (prone to bad anxiety already).

It's been almost 48 hours and I still feel like I have a little lump in my throat. I made an apt with an allergist, by the way.

I should mention I already take 5mgs of prednisone daily for Addison's Disease.

Could I still be having a reaction 48 hours later?

I can breathe ok and swallow ok and my throat isn't itchy anymore. It's just a little uncomfortable.

Should I go back to the doctor?

He looked at my throat and said he didn't see any typical swelling but that it looked like irritation like a strep throat case.


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