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Micropolyspora faeni

I was recenlty told i have asthma and have been taking foradil and intal. I started getting this  tickiling and burning in my chest and throat  about two months ago with tightness in chest and shortness of breath. i have this cold, almost painful burning sensation when i breathe through my nose or mouth. I have a dry cough but i think it is mostly me trying to get ri of the tickle. at first it was just a couple of time a week. now i have had it consistently for about a month.

I was exposed to several toxigenic structural molds about 3 years ago. i was recently exposed again in my workplace to aspergillius and cladosporium. A PFT shows partially reversible small airway obstruction according to my doctor. I received some lab work yesterday that indicates a positive IgG score for Micropolyspora faeni. Everything i read about this says "farmer's lung" or hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

my question is...does a positive result on this protein neccessarily mean thati have HP? do people test positive without developing lung disease? Do the symptoms I am having now relate to HP? Is it reversible? How should I proceed with a pulomologist?...what tests should i ask for?
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It seems you have a DR who is aware of lung disease but a Pulmonologist would not be a bad idea. I hope you are not in Florida because w-comp will find anyway to disprove that this was caused by mold. Have you developed any chemical or food allergies?. Stay on top of this condition. Good Luck
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