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Milk allergy and calcium supplements

Hello. I have celiac disease, a salicylate intolerance AND milk allergy. My blood test showed my milk allergy is considered moderate. I am currently taking NOW foods calcium carbonate powder because it's free of gluten..supposedly free of dairy..and it's pure mineral so it doesn't effect my salicylate intolerance (which comes from plants). I re-introduced turnip into my diet recently but i also started using this calcium powder at the same time. Once a day the past few days I've had cramping like IBS and had to use the washroom. I had this the last time i ever tried butter and so it has me concerned if i'm allergic to the supplement. Does anyone here have a milk allergy and use NOW foods calcium carbonate powder with no issues? I absolutely need calcium but with my salicylate intolerance and celiac disease it's becoming VERY hard to find supplements suitable and i'm hoping it's not the dairy and just an intolerance to turnips. I don't know much about allergies but NOW foods said they have good manufacturing practices and clean their lines etc. Does anyone else with food allergies worry about this or should they be ok?
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Hi, a better alternative to calcium carbonate is calcium citrate, as calcium carbonate can cause the cramps you experienced. Calcium usually causes constipation. You also need to be taking magnesium with the calcium. Magnesium helps the body absorb calcium and also helps to prevent the stomach upsets. Another cause for your symptoms could be turnips which you re introduced into your diet.  You have to re-introduce foods you are allergic to in small quantities and you should do so under the supervision of an allergist.  Your symptoms could also be due an infection or IBS, so if they persist consult your doctor for an evaluation. Regards.
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Citrate isn't an option for me because of what it's usually made of. I have a salicylate intolerance issue right now and I need something pure mineral. Not anything plant based. I also use magnesium oil. I dunno if I'm actually allergic to the turnips or not or if they just don't agree with me. I certainly can't re-introduce everything under the care of an allergist considering I was very sick for a long time and I cut pretty much most foods out..I'd be at her office every day. I didn't have turnip yesterday and nothing happened. So I might try it again a little bit in a few days..if it happens again...i'll get tested by an allergist..if it's not an allergy...I'm obviously intolerant.
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