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Morphine allergy?

I have a problem with my shoulder where it dislocates all the time so i end up in the E.R. allot.

About 4 months ago i was given morphine before they put my shoulder back in and i developed a raised itchy rash where they had injected it on my arm. The next time i had morphine was about a month later (shoulder again) and i got a rash all over my body so they gave me an shot of antihistamine (poor spelling) and the rash went down.

So 6 weeks ago i had surgery on my shoulder and told the doctors about the reaction to the morphine they said they'd put a red band on me to make sure i wasn't given any morphine but they didn't in the end. When i woke up from the surgery i was ok but i couldn't stop my legs shaking and then my whole body started shaking and i couldn't stop it, i was pretty out of it but the nurses and doctors seemed pretty concerned and gave me a shot of something that made it stop.

Does this mean i have an allergy to morphine or does this happen to everyone?

If it is an allergy what do i do now?

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Hi, welcome to the forum, your history is suggestive of that you are having drug allergy to morphine. Some patients have reported to have itching (in more than 10%), rash and development of hives.

The possibilities for allergy are due to presence of Phenanthrene in opioids. You can even develop hypersensitivity reactions to other phenanthrene derivative opioid agonists (codeine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, levorphanol, oxycodone, oxymorphone).

Another precipitating factor is morphine is known to release histamine which can further precipitate the allergy. Subsequent exposure can be life threatening. Hence, future exposure to such drugs should be avoided. Take care and regards.
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so should i get one of those bracelets of necklases saying not to be given it in the future?
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Hi, yes that can be done or keep an card which will specify the drugs you are allergic to.
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Took an awful long time to figure that I was SENSITIVE to morphine/codeine.  After operations I went nuts with nausea and ITCHING...that dang oxygen thing up my nose!!  I told them FINALLY about this that I finally had to figure out on my own and got on different anesthesia.  WOW.  What a difference!!  Allergies imply something altogether different and one CAN develop an allergy to drugs such as morphine and THAT YOU don't want happening.  SOME doctors are aware and can SEE this in their patients and will diagnose this SENSITIVITY but if you have any recollection of nausea, itching, rash...LET YOUR DOCTORS KNOW LOUDLY!!  I've as yet to learn about the difference between morphine/codeine and other opiates.  Luckily I am not one that will become addicted.  Others, might be ADDICTABLE...and again you shall have to look after yourself as most doctors do not have the time.  Make dang sure you are TELLING YOUR DOCTOR EVERYTHING and if you don't understand ask!  Research...it really isn't rocket science.  Also, and this will probably undo any good I've done with this comment...there are CERTAIN STRAINS of marijuana that will react with opiates...violently and possibly fatally.  I am not kidding.  It isn't an allergy to marijuana...it is a very awful reaction between this thc altered marijuana and opiates.  You will know immediately that you have just puffed a puff off an altered genome for thc enhancement strain of marijuana.... and are on any opiate at all...why this isn't in the public media anymore is beyond me...used to be at least 10+ years ago.
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Sounds like you may have ehlers danlos with all thar joint dislocation, histamine intolerance and mast cell activation  go hand in hand for many with EDS. Definitely mention this to your dr as many go undiagnosed.
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