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My Son

My son aged 7 years, is suffering from atopic dermatitis since 6+ years. I checked his IgE at the age of 2 and it was 740 IU, Yesterday checked >2000 IU. It is really painful that he is suffering a lot. I checked with doctors in Bangladesh, nobody is giving me the satisfactory solutions. Is anybody there who can support me?


Chinmoy Mukherjee
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Hi, welcome to the forum, the normal IgE levels fall below 100. Any level above 500 is higher and is suggestive of allergy or parasitic infection. He has known to have abnormally high levels. It can be seen in patients with atopic or allergic dermatitis.  It is usually seen secondary to exposure to allergen and subsequent reaction is mediated by IgE antibodies. His body is known to hypersensitive to certain things.  

Stinging insects, Aeroallergens (uncommon), Foods and additives like Milk, egg, peanuts, nuts, soy, and wheat are the most common agents to cause such allergic manifestations.

Measures for you to reduce IgE levels are-

- The triggering factor should be identified and should be avoided. Even a skin allergy test can be useful.
- Prompt treatment with anti histamines and corticosteroids during allergic attack.
- New intervention has come up which you can discuss with your doctor, i.e. Anti- IgE (omalizumab), but not required at this state.

I suggest you to consult to a skin specialist/ immunologist for further steps of management. Take care and regards.
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Thank you doctor for your advise. My son already underwent food allergy tests and Doctors advised him not to expose in the dust, mites, and avoid cow milk specially. I am trying to follow. Environment pollution, I have no control. Still IgE is increasing. He is using Dermovate ointment, Tab Montilucast 5 mg daily with Ketotifen tabs for years. Any suggestion further?
Chinmoy Mukherjee
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