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NAET Accu-pressure to releave allergies. Real or Scam?

Real or scam? They say accu-pressure helps. Sounds like a scam to me but there are many of these places popping up in my area. I figured they would have been shut down by now if total fraud right? So is there anything to it? How do they get the allergen in to your body to be desentized?
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Typo... Relieve not releave. :(
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Acupuncture and/or accupressure has been around for thousands of years. I've had nothing but positive experiences from acupuncture treatments. I would suppose that the acupuncturist would treat your immune system to help you with your allergy systems. Be sure to make sure you go to a licensed acupuncturist and follow their advice... they may recommend that you need treatments every week.


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How are you? Many people with allergies seek out alternative medicine when they find that medical treatment do not help, or that the side-effects are not worth it. Allergy relief systems (ARS) is a systematic, energy-medicine approach to allergies. This approach is geared towards practitioners who already know and practice traditional Chinese medicine. It is important to stress that acupunturists should have completed  a full course of study at a traditional chinese medicine school. And make sure that the acupuncturist uses single-use sterile packaged needles.

Chi or the life force is believed to flow through pathways in the body. Illness results from an imbalance of the forces. The pathways and the energy flow are accessible through more than 350 acupuncture points. By inserting needles into these points in various combinations, acupuncture practitioners believe that the energy flow will rebalance and the patient gets well.

I hope this helps. Take care and regards.
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it will change your life!! find a certified practictioner: http://naet.com/subscribers/drnamerica.html

i have a lot of experience, i kno you posted this years ago, but lemm kno if you have any questions
NAET is most definitely life changing!  I was sick with severe allergy asthma for 6 months. My brother knew 3 people who have been cured and now myself.
I did 9 sessions and my asthma is gone!  I found out I was allergic to the inhalers, no wonder I wasn't getting better.  I have my life back!  What are you waiting for, just go to naet.com  and find a practitioner near you.  Why waste another day!
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My opinion is that for temporary relief of symptoms, it might help. Immunotherapy is more effective in the long term. I would see an allergist and do shots as soon as your allergy season ends.
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