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Natural Remedy for Allergies

I suffer from all sorts of allergies including pet allergies, trees, and pollen. Does anyone know of any natural ways to get rid of my severe allergies? I'm tired of prescription medicine because they cause more side effects than good and just do not work for me. PLEASE HELP~!
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In addition to the prescription medicines,you can have lifestyle and environmental changes.Avoidance of allergen is the golden rule. . You should choose mild soaps without dyes or perfumes and use a mild, unscented laundry detergent when washing clothes, towels and bedding.For pet allergies,first of all don’t keep any pets at home and if you do,a frequent and very thorough cleaning of your house is important.Pls don’t allow pets in your bedroom or the area where you spend most of your time and you can also try spraying areas where your pets spend their time (carpets, sofas) with an anti allergen spray. Use reputable allergy avoidance products throughout your home. Wash your hands after having contact with your pet and avoid using carpeting, draperies and upholstered furniture in your home since allergens will collect there. Also wash and brush your pet each week.

Replace carpets with linoleum or wood. Vacuum(with HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners) soft furniture and curtains as well as floor Wash carpets and upholstery with special cleaners, such as benzyl benzoate or tannic acid spray. Wash all bedding in hot water (hotter than 130°F) every 7 to 10 days. Don't use mattress pads. Cover mattress and pillows with plastic covers. Lower the humidity in your home and get your AC’s cleaned regularly.

As you are having pollen allergy also,remain indoors when the outdoor pollen levels are highest like windy days. You can also use a pollen and dust mask. Use a clothes dryer instead of hanging the wash outside, where it acts as a filter trap for pollen. . Also effective are various types of air-filtering devices, which can be added to the heating and cooling systems in the home.

Also take vit C supplements. . Vitamin C is a general anti-allergy supplement. It helps stabilize mast cells so they are less likely to release histamine.

You can also go in for immunotherapy.Pls don’t try natural drugs on your own as they may contain hidden ingredients to which you are allergic.

Take care and regards.

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Hi tbeaver,

kindd had some good advice.  Try to eliminate the cause of your allergies from where you currently reside.  Also, boost your immune system with a lot of Vitamin C.  The health benefits of Vit C are enormous.  Try taking around 6000mg.  This sounds like a lot, but you have to "kick" up your immune system a lot.

Also a supplement you should look into with high potency is called "Agarigold with H1X1".  This is a medicinal mushroom extract which has had great results in treating allergies as well as other health issues.  You can read more about it at:


Or you can read some ways that it helped other users at the blog at:


Hope this helps,

Erik Loebl
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Three very inexpensive recommendations for you:

homeopathic remedies ---- just make you purchase the right remedy for your specific allergen(s)

sublingual therapy --- you might want to check with you allergist and see if it is available yet in the US

Dr. Jernigan's allergy formula --- all natural --- visit http://www.****.com

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And of course... avoiding the allergens as kindd mentioned earlier. I actually replaced most of my household cleaners with Seventh Generation products (you can purchase at Walgreens).
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Hi again tbeaver,

I forgot to mention that the AgariGold is made of certified organic Agaricus Blazei mushroom extract, Sasa Bamboo Leaf, and purified water.

Here's the link again:

I hope you find something helpful.

Erik Loebl

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Something very natural, you can do to help the body fight the allergy.Do it, keep a note of your progress, and come back to report, so others may benefit.It is the duration of the breathing for each technique which really helps your system.You will be able to live normally.
The Yoga Pranayam (breathing exercises) will  help you overcome the allergy  problems.
Build up your timing gradually. If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume after 1 minute or later.

Bhastrika - Take a long deep breath into the lungs(chest not tummy) via the nose and then completely breathe out through the nose. Duration upto 5 minutes.

Kapalbhati -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second. Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and do for 15 to 30 minutes twice a day.(Max 60 min/day) Not for pregnant women. Seriously ill people do it gently.

Anulom Vilom –
Close your right nostril with thumb and deep breath-in through left nostril  
then – close left nostril with two fingers and breath-out through right nostril  
then -keeping the left nostril closed  deep breath-in through right nostril
then - close your right nostril with thumb and breath-out through left nostril.
This is one cycle of anulom vilom.
Repeat this cycle for 15 to 30  minutes twice a day(maximum 60 minutes in one day).
You can do this before breakfast/lunch/dinner or before bedtime or in bed.Remember to take deep long breaths into the lungs.You can do this while sitting on floor or chair or lying in bed.

Bhramri Pranayam -Close eyes. Close ears with thumb, index finger on forehead, and rest three fingers on base of nose touching eyes. Breathe in through nose. And now breathe out through nose while humming like a bee.
Duration : 5 to 12  times

Once you are better, continue the pranayam once a day.
Be patient, as the benefits will show over a period of months.Only by doing you will benefit and feel good because you are helping your body.Those who say I have tried everything....
will be amazed at the result of doing pranayam.
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