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Never had allergies before

I grew up in Eastern Europe and we never used medicine for colds and/or allergies and I never had any problems with runny nose,  mucus etc... Four years ago my daughter started preschool and she started being sick. Every two weeks she would have cold symptoms, eventually I got the same symptoms. We were never sick before that. Eventually, I reached for tylenol cold for her and myself, doctors refused to look into in, they said they don't treat colds. Year after I asked for allergy evaluation. Both doctors prescribed allergy nose sprays without any testing. The medicine didn't help. It even worsen our condition, adding post nasal drip to the already sensitive situation. I started using every allergy medicine available over the counter, nothing helped. Eventually I bought Zyrtec and that helped little bit but the mucus did not go away. We changed doctors, health care providers over the years and nobody ever told us what's wrong with us. Recently my new doctor prescibed another nose spray and that makes the mucus so thick that I burp this thing out while I sleep and my daughter has developed tonsil stones. I was also very recently diagnosed with emphysema but I never smoked and don't have any problems breathing except when the nose is running. Can somebody guess what's wrong with us? I have to add that every time we go to Europe to visit my family we are healthy as horses. We also have 2 houses in different states, the symptoms are the same in each of them so it's not something inside the house or dogs or even in the air. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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If your daughter is at school even pre school the kids do seem to pass it to each other, and actually even in other Countrys,its the same, my Daughter lives with her children near London in the Fall and winter and sometimes Spring they come home sick, she gets it and her last new Baby got it, if we are visiting we get it. So perhaps your Daughter is bringing the Germs into the house, get her to wash her hands a lot and do it as she comes in the door so she starts with clean hands at hiome tell her to wash at school when she can.As for medication I happen to believe a cold Takes its course, and apart from a childs pain killer I would give her nothing except some warm soothing fruit drinks with Honey in them , for you a hot Toddy and if   you touch Alcohol, at nights a little Rum or whiskey, honey and hot water.
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Your daughter may be having hay fever.It may be caused by pollen,dust mites or molds etc. . Most pollens are windborne; they can often blow indoors (typically through open windows and doors) and trigger allergic symptoms such as allergic rhinitis (hay fever) within your home, not just outdoors. Wind-pollinated trees, grasses, and weeds produce pollen during various times of the year.

These allergens are triggering allergic rhinitis in your daughter.It is possible that she may be having sinusitis also which is due to inflammation of sinuses.

Remain indoors when the outdoor pollen levels are highest like windy days. You can also use a pollen and dust mask. Use a clothes dryer instead of hanging the wash outside, where it acts as a filter trap for pollen. Make sure to clean and replace your air conditioner and air cleaner filters regularly. Also effective are various types of air-filtering devices, which can be added to the heating and cooling systems in the home.

You can give OTC anthistaminics like benadryl or zyrtec to your daughter.She can also take saline nasal sprays.Severe case may need steroid nasal sprays or oral steroids.But they are available only on prescription.

Ask your daughter to take plenty of fluids throughout the day and inhale steam as many times as possible.

An evaluation by an ENT specialist is necessary to rule out sinusitis. In cases of chronic sinusitis, it can lead to continuous production of mucus and less drainage leading to post nasal drip.Transillumination test and X-Ray or CT sinuses can help in diagnosing it. If allergic rhinitis is the cause of PND then it can be diagnosed by skin ***** tests or blood tests like RAST.

Please do keep me posted about the developments.

Kind Rgds.

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Sometimes it allergy and other times it irritation in the sinus. Different meds for each. You kinda have to experiment with nasal sprays. I use NasalCrom (non prescription), not very strong, no steroid in it so it wears off with in 2-4 hours, but it helps the mucus. I couldn't stop the mucus only slowing it down so I began allergy shots. The shots helped more than anything. But when I skip shots my allergies come back pretty quick. That is if your's is allergy. Could also be irritation and not sure NasalCrom nasal spray will work for that. But it's not too expensive here about $14 for a bottle I think. I like it because it's gentle, no side effects that I know of and mixes with other meds well. :) Good luck and hope you find answers.
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